Impossible Burger

Has any one tried Crossroad Kitchen’s Impossible Burger?

I’ve tried it and wasn’t a fan.

Crossroads doesn’t seem to be cooking it to the specs of the developers.

The other restaurants that have it (in the Bay Area and NY) appear to be cooking it medium rare and keeping the patties thick, and folks seem to like it. Crossroads presses it paper thin and cooks it to a crisp and it’s pretty disappointing. The texture, especially on the “crust” is too crunchy, and the interior is gray and mushy.

I don’t know why they don’t switch up their restaurant of choice, because Crossroads is doing them no favors.

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Weird. For both the beyond burger and the impossible burger, if you cook it past medium rare, the fat and flavor get cooked out. I had the beyond burger at Veggie Grill cooked correctly and it’s a decent meat analogue.

Where is this place. Freddy’s, in and around the Boise area does them flat, thin, and crisp, and they are great, especially if dressed with some of their fry sauce.

I have. My report’s here:

This was pretty much my experience. The thin patty also makes it hard to taste the “meat” amidst the bun and condiments.

Agreed. I thought it was tasty, but surprised to see that it was so well done. The fries covered in (presumably) fake truffle oil do it no favors either.

If I was a former carnivore and wanted to enjoy the memory of a burger, I think it might be a fair approximation considering what I’ve tried in terms of plant based patties. I would like to try the version at Cockscomb in SF and see how Cosentino treats it.

It was fine. Bit of an “ugh” feeling a few hours after I ate it. I tasted some of the other, actual, meant-to-be-vegan dishes on the menu and they were more thoughtful.

Why is fry sauce in Boise so good?

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It’s not. The good stuff is Freddy’s crisp burger. The sauce just adds a


idk, I always like the fry sauce when I’m there, though I typically have it at Zips.

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I like the spicy fry sauce at Boise Fry Company.


Why can’t they export that stuff out of Boise man??