Instant Coffee

Last night I stopped in KP International Market in Rancho Cordova/Sacramento in search of coffee. While their whole bean and ground coffee selection was minimal, their range of instant coffees was quite impressive, with North/Central/South American, European, and Asian options. I know instant coffee is rarely considered worthy by “real” coffee drinkers (whether it be average consumers or connoisseurs), but are there any worthy brands? The sheer size of their instant coffee selection piqued my interest.

I bought some Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee to use in some dessert recipe that recommended it. Worked OK in that context.

1 Like if you come across any. Just be aware this stuff usually comes with a ton of sugar. Good for a buzz if you need one. A nuttier version of cafe su da.

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try cold brew concentrate - comes in a bottle, add water, mix, and call it a day. I’m a sucker for TJ’s Cold Brew (the $7.99 bottle, not the $9.99 bottle; 2:1 ratio) for cheap cold brew and Chameleon ($9.99 - $11.99, 1:1 ratio) for expensive cold brew.

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Thank you! Usually I go the unsweetened route, but on the website I see their are many varieties. I’ll see if KP carries the line.

Thanks! I’ve tried TJs cold brew cold, but not heated up (which I’m guessing negates the purpose of cold brew). Looking for fall/winter warmers.

There’s nothing wrong with heating cold-brewed coffee, any more there is with chilling hot-brewed coffee.

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My wife heats it up. Cold brew only refers to the method, has no bearing on how you enjoy it.

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Good to know that heating cold brew isn’t against the rules :sweat_smile:

I’ve heard good things about this:

It’s a subscription service, but you get a free trial.

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Colombian Instant Coffee:


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I’ll look for this, thanks!

I’ve found it at Super King Markets before

Thanks! No Super King by me. I’ll scout out the many varieties I spotted at KP Market in Sacramento.

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