Instant Pot corned beef

I have a couple bagged corned beefs. Which cooking method do you prefer?

In the past I prepare them on the stove top, but I’m seeking opinions about using the Instant Pot.


I haven’t tried it myself, but I have had good luck with other recipes from this website, Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage | Tested by Amy + Jacky

So is the only advantage is that it’s faster?

I prefer the Instant Pot for braising because it works perfectly every time.

As opposed to? I’ve never had a problem with my slow cooker or a CI DO low and slow. I just am not inclined to add something unnecessary. I keep spending my time getting rid of shit like that :slight_smile:

Oven and stovetop have been inconsistent for me. I’ve never owned a slow cooker, I presume that would be consistent. No idea what a CI DO is.

I usually soak the pre-bagged corned beef in water to take down the sodium content because I find it too salty. I change the water a couple of times over the course of a few hours.

So I throw it mine in the InstantPot with some Guinness on top of a bed of some cabbage wedges and some onion for about 1 hour on high pressure. Natural release and pull the meat from the pot to rest. Then throw in your remaining cabbage, potatoes and carrots into the pot with the juices and high pressure for 2-3 minutes. Natural release and slice your corned beef. Optional…slice and place the corned beef to cook with the vegetables if you want the meat more tender. It all depends on how you like your corned beef.


Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Maybe you should get a new range. I don’t do low and slow on the cooktop but my oven works great. I’ve had a slow cooker for decades. This is one of my faves.

In 40+ years of cooking in many different kitchens I’ve never had consistent results braising on the stovetop or in the oven. Ususally works, occasionally turns out tough. Instant Pot is perfect every time.

If you have a method that works well for you I see no reason to bother trying the Instant Pot.

Same for me. Sorry your experiences haven’t been good. Long before there was an instant pot I was happy happy.

I just tried a rack of baby back ribs in the instapot for 25 minutes. They tasted good but were totally ‘falling off the bone’, which is not our preference.given the long heat up
Time and release time these things cooked around an hour in total. How much less time (or what setting) woujd give them some body?

Preasure-cooking ribs = pot roast. For the texture you probably want, low and slow dry heat.

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Here’s our go-to for ribs for a few years now. Takes longer but so easy and the best ever.

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Slow cookers are a waste of money and make inferior dishes. I don’t always agree with Kenji but here he is spot on to recommend getting rid of your slow cooker

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If your oven doesn’t give you consistent result you might want get the temperature recalibrated

The end result looks and sounds great, but we prefer ribs that can be picked up and eaten, not those that are so “fall off the bone” (as the recipe describes them) that the meat falls off on its own. Have you experimented with less time, or does all the sauce keep these together?

Oh, they’re definitely not fall off the bone but pick up. And the last few years we’ve stopped adding BBQ sauce through the whole cooking time. I check by sticking a fork in and maybe pulling off a little piece from an edge. A little aside. We’ve been using Kinders mild bbq sauce for a few years now. In our opinion it tastes like homemade so that makes it even easier.

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Oh, son of a gun, that link does say “fall off the bone.” But we also don’t cook them four hours. Three or fewer. Sorry about that.

Got the instant pot a short while back. I like it, and I’ll like it more when I have the times down.

I’ve used it about 5 times thus far…beef stew, pork shoulder, bbq pulled pork. The first recipe for the pork shoulder called for 10 minutes, which didn’t sound right. Other called for up to 20 minutes.

The pulled pork recipes had a range of 40-60 minutes. That’s quite a disparity from 10-20 minutes. I mean, they’re the same cut of meat. I went for 60 minutes. They came out o.k., maybe a little dry. Next time I think I’ll go for 40 min.

My first try at the beef stew was 20 minutes. Next time was 30 min. That was the tender I was hoping to approach.

But corned beef, I’d prefer sliced for sandwiches. I don’t know if I want to go with the “falling off the bone consistency”, especially if that will rob it of it’s seasoning. I’m not planning to add any veggies.

One thing I have found in my brief experience with the IP is that I must season aggressively, maybe even overly aggressive compared to what one might be accustomed to.

I’d appreciate feedback.


I use exactly the same amount of salt for Instant Pot as I would for any other method.

Corned beef for sandwiches, I’d cook it in the oven so I could check it.