Interesting West SFV Dinner with fussy eaters

Oh, please help. As time goes on, visiting the parental units gets more and more difficult when it comes to dining out. As I haven’t lived with them nor in their area for 34 years, I’m clueless. Here are the restrictions:
(1) Nothing spicy (or at least, that can’t be made w/o heat)
(2) Nothing too expensive (even if they aren’t paying, they won’t enjoy it). $20-ish entrees, max.
(3) Nothing too far a walk from the parking space (i.e., a couple blocks, max).
(4) Most ethnic cuisines are fine, but see 1, supra.
(5) Nothing with a drive thru, nor with a national or regional name I’d recognize (for my sake)
(6) It can be as informal as some place where you order at a counter and they bring your food.
(7) Let’s give this an East-West range from Northridge/Reseda to Calabasas.

Tarzana Hummus Bar (unless you’d count Tarzana as a recognizable regional name).

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This may help as well

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How about Yang Chow on Topanga Canyon. Same slippery shrimp as Downtown. Also, for pretty good Mexican that you order at the counter, Las Fuentes in Reseda.

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Panini cafe - woodland hills
Waffles & more for brunch - encino

EMC Woodland Hills happy hour.

The Village: Il Fornaio, Tender Greens, and Joey, EMC Raw BAr (if you order carefully)
Northridge: Shamshiri, Brent’s, Hook’d Fish Grill, The Stand
Reseda: Las Fuentes, Dizin Persian

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Stonefire Grill. Great salads. Also have something for everyone from Tri-tip to salmon. Vegetarian options too.

You order at the counter, they bring you the grub.

+1 on the restaurants at the Village
+20 on Brent’s



Those $1 Oysters! I have maybe went to the KTown location once or twice and ate 24 Happy Hour Oysters with some Kirin on draft.

Good choice but stay away from the mozz sticks/fried zucchini appetizer unless you want to be raging the rest of your meal.

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Goto @ Silog


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Alcazar or either restaurant in the shopping center with the Ranch 99 (Sam Woo BBQ or the Viet place).

Thanks so far for your suggestions. Re; Brents, we’ll probably either eating their food (or similar) for Sunday brunch.


I hope you will report back with your experiences.

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We ended up at Hummus Bar and Grill in Tarzana. We’ve been before (I haven’t been in at at least a few years), and they like it. Dinner was very good. The only downfall for the past week is that “your pita has been replaced my matzo.” Unlike all those idiots at Tavern on the Green years ago who didn’t notice that their fancy coffee had been replaced by Folgers Crystals, I sorely missed the pita, and would have understood just why we had matzo instead had their only been an place setting for Elijah.

As for lunch right after landing @ BUR, we went to Porto’s.


I just wanted to confirm that you are talking about pita at Hummus B&G, and not their laffa that is made in-house. Because if they are no longer making the laffa, that’s huge demerit points against them.

Sorry, I was speaking of the laffa. I’d expect that by tomorrow evening, it will return.

Forgot about the holidays. Thanks