Ippudo Santa Monica

Yeah baby.



Now we just need Ichiran to come to LA at reasonable prices…

Rokurinsha (onegashimasu!)…

More ramen? Give me a Mister Donut. Okay - an Ippudo with a Mister Donut next door. And a real okonomiyaki counter grill next to that - Hiroshima-style. Almost forgot - we need a dedicated sake shop too. Just thinking out loud - carry on…


Now that would be a game changer

Do they have any outlets outside of Japan?

Interesting news. Although them partnering with Panda Express to expand in the U.S. (including this L.A. branch) has me worried.

I wonder if they’re recipe / food is affected by this?

Although they have partnered with Uncle Tetsu, the Japanese cheesecake purveyor. I haven’t tried their Arcadia location yet, but I’ve heard that their American cheesecakes are of a similar quality to the original.

This luddite will toast to that!!! While the okonomiyaki is-a-grillin’, we gotta down some frosty Asahi, sweating it out with the other salarymen suits while catching them Carps on the ‘terebi’ in the bottom of the 8th…

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You’ve been there! And you brought up another on the wish list - the food, beer and comradery at a Japanese baseball game!

Love me some Mister Donut!

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Some of Mister Donut’s flavors I enjoyed in Japan are probably not going to do well here - yomogi comes to mind. But the quality for a chain is off the hook. And the texture of their cake donuts must be patented or something - have yet to find it here.

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