Irvine, weekend, lunch, kids in tow... Recommendations?

Asking for a friend:

6 adults, 5 kids in the party. Prefer a place where there isn’t a wait.

Thanks in advance!!!


Puesto (Los Olivos Center, also Burger Lounge and a host of other fast casual eats for differing tastes)

Chan Chan Food House (space might be a bit small)

Settebello (Crystal Cove, sorry not Irvine but close)

Honestly, Irvine is meh for food options and given your parameters, it makes it even more difficult. Last time I ate in Irvine, it was at Houston’s because Puesto was holding a private event, don’t really care for North Italia, and Irvine Spectrum is meh. Javier’s is sort of good and the space is big, but I think the draw is the crowd and view at Crystal Cove location, not Irvine Spectrum Center. We should ask Mr Bren to fix this Irvine food option problem ASAP!

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Burnt Crumbs

What youngster wouldn’t like spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich, made with spaghetti that looks and tastes like it came straight out of a grade school cafeteria (and I mean that in a most goodest of ways).

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When we have to have a meal with an eclectic bunch of folks, we have a lot of success of Enoteca Cucina. Solid menu with lots of options that will make even the finickiest of people happy. They’ve got a bar and a good wine menu. It’s casual, but nice enough if you’re in an upscale-ish mood.