Is "Delaware" limited to Delaware?


Where do posts from just north of the Mason & Dixon Line best fit?


I could change the name to something broader. Is there any local term better than “Delaware & environs”?


No… I wrote that before I saw that there was a newly created Philadelphia board.


Thanks very much, @robert!!! I will make an inaugural post (about actual food) right now in celebration.


I’m a little confused. It looks like there was a DE board, but now it’s locked? About the Delaware & environs category


That post is locked but the board is open. I just posted to it :grinning:


That’s a sticky post automatically created by Discourse to explain the category (board). If you want to post to an empty new board, create a new topic.




Does this very thread now belong on the (recently-created) “Delaware” board?


J.L. speaks.

I listen.

And poof. It happens.

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Power. I has it.