ISO Cookie Sandwich (not ice cream)

The cookie sandwich of my dreams is basically two soft chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around a “cream” filling (like Oreo cream or buttercream). Not ice cream!

Recently on a trip in the New England area I found several such examples, all delicious. They look like this:


Any place in LA sell something like this? Better yet, a place that isn’t doing a hipster-ified version that costs $6, but a humble snack?



Or Susie Cakes has a Whoopie Pie that seems more like what you are looking for than a real Whoopie Pie

Rising Hearts Bakery in Culver City does one. Cake Monkey makes a few different kinds.

Whole Foods usually has smaller ones in its “cookies by the pound” case (which most but not all Whole Foods stores have).

Thanks for the replies! Looks like some good leads to follow. And cookies to eat.