ISO of dim sum in Oakland/Berkeley/etc

We have to be in the city late afternoon so not wanting to make the trek in there this morning. Any praise-worthy dim sum out this way? TIA.

I’ve been liking Pacific Lighthouse in Alameda:

Other longtime favorites are HK East Ocean in Emeryville and East Ocean Seafood in Alameda:

I haven’t been to Peony (downtown Oakland) in a few years, but a trustworthy source told me that it’s currently very good.

Emphatic +1 for Pacific Lighthouse

Went back to Peony for the first time in a few years.





I’m not a big tea drinker any more, but I liked the Tian Hong a lot. Reminded me of when I used to drink PG Tips every morning, though it’s much more delicate.


Good flavor but the wrappers were falling off.


Ate 5/8 of the house special noodle roll before remembering to photograph it. We ordered without knowing what it was, turned out to be shrimp-filled cruller. I didn’t expect to like that starch-on-starch but it was really good. Needed the dipping sauce.


Some of the best radish cake I’ve had in a long time. Plenty of pork, good textures. Delicious.


This was really good. Nice foil for the starchy and rich dishes.


Nice and crunchy skin. Very good. Did not need the sauce, it was perfect on its own.


Taro dumplings were not very good, which is what I always expect except at Yank Sing. At least these were hot.

I guess I neglected to photograph the pork buns. They were very good.

Overall, for dim sum, I like Alameda Lighthouse better, but if I were in the neighborhood or didn’t want to drive, I’d happily go back to Peony. I’ll have to try it for dinner.