J and J BBQ up on Adams,

The main guy passed away is someone else still taking care of the BBQing duties, or is this place a goner ?

The son is doing it now. J started teaching him about 6 months before he died.


did you tries it ?

RIP… and I’m sad the firewood place next door is gone :frowning:

no son operating it ? that’s not good news.

is JRs nearby good ?

I didn’t say anything about son operating or not. I do not know that part, hope it’s operating, nor know about JR. I do however know that I miss the firewood place next door.

No. Was there getting a burger. Sorry.

What is that market next door? looks like a produce market.


I don’t know. If someone has a question about firewood, I can answer. That’s the only thing I was commenting on.

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Is it a firewood place that sells firewood you mean or just that the missing firewood means no more BBQ ?

They sold firewood, which is really tough to find around here. Makes it really tough to make bbq. I always suspected J&J was next to it for a reason.