Jaunt down late Sep (now with late update)

Hey FTCers,

I’ll be headed towards SD sometime late September and I’m a little curious at what restaurants that you recommend. I’ll only be there for two days. Last time I went I enjoyed Hinotez for their ramen and grilled chicken parts. I recall wandering around and found extraordinary desserts to have made a great coffee raspberry cake (I honestly don’t quite care for chocolate and well… most desserts in general) and everything was beautiful looking. Just curious at what restaurants to eat at.

Where will you be staying? And how far are you will to travel?

If you’re staying in La Jolla versus, say, National City the recommendations will differ significantly. As would if you were staying in the Downtown area.

Happy to help, but sort of need more info.

I’m probably thinking of staying around the Clairemont/Convoy area. I honestly haven’t decided yet (mostly staring at hotel prices) and things seem to be cheaper there and around Mission Valley. Thinking of just wandering around and take a look at a museum or so. Otherwise, nothing planned. I’m pretty much willing to drive anywhere within an hour.

I think things are cheaper there because it’s a long way from everywhere you probably want to go.

If I go to San Diego again, I’ll probably stay somewhere in or near the quadrangle bounded by the 5, 8, 805, and 94.

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Unless Night07 is looking for Asian food.

Is that something someone would go to San Diego for?

Of course not. But since he is coming to SD and might be staying in the Convoy area, he’d be remiss not to try at least one of the many Asian restaurants there, even if just for lunch. In my opinion.

In the Convoy / Kearny Mesa area, I would consider Menya Ultra (best ramen in SD), Perky’s (South African), and Pho Duyen Mai (for Vietnamese, esp. Goi Cuon Bi and Nem Nuong Cuon)

Further south, in/around Mission Hills / North Park / etc., try JinBuCha (for artisan Kombucha)

For pizza, I like Buono Forcetta and for Italian/Cal-Med consider CUCINA urbana

In Little Italy, Juniper & Ivy is a solid option and if you’re so inclined see if you want to get a reservation at The Kettle Room, a private dining affair at the Ballast Point Brewery.

Liberty public market is fun. Cheese and meat at Venissimo, bread at con pane the beer and wine at LPM then relax on the patio.

Tribute pizza

TJ oyster bar, puesto, galaxy tacos,
Tacos el gordo, oscars, mariscos german food truck

Craft beer (others have good suggestions, do a search)

Second ipsedixit on Menya

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Actually… lol. I was around the Convoy area a while back (over four years by now?) and a friend that lived around there so we headed towards that area for ramen (can’t recall he just brought me there and since three years has moved).

1.5 years ago, I was around the gas lamp district but walking around nothing super appealed to me that I can recall but I was free for only a day. So I figured this time I should actually do a little more research haha.

Wow! Thanks for the recommendations. Going to throw those on a map and just play it by ear depending on my proximity and hunger.

For the most part, based on a prelim map evaluation, I’ll probably be between Miramar/La Jolla to the Gaslamp area.

We stayed in La Jolla last year and I wasn’t crazy about the location. It was a schlep from most of the places I really wanted to go, and out of laziness we ended up eating around there kind of a lot. It was sort of like going to San Francisco and staying in Larkspur, or going to LA and staying in Venice.

Ah gotcha. Just this trip, its just myself. So not a huge pain (well besides driving) to get around

Alrighty, just finalized booking of hotels.

I’ll be around the Mission Valley area but will have a car to roam around.

Oh, and what’s the preference between Marisco El Pescador vs Marisco German?

I know I’ll be arriving relatively early. Are there any particularly great breakfast places around the airport or further?


Isabel Cantina in Pacific Beach (Cass & Feldspar) does a great breakfast.
Great Maple and Snooze in Hillcrest also do a nice breakfast
Patio on Goldfinch is a decent breakfast option, tho’ I’m not sure they do it during the week.
The Original Pancake House on Convoy in Kearny Mesa is old school (i.e. not upscale) breakfast
Cafe 222 downtown has great waffles

You’ll be close to Pomegranate, then.

Both el pescador and German are good.

Oh wow, thanks for the recommendations! Anything unique or must try at each particular restaurant?

I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar with Russian/Georgian cuisine. Is there anything that I should try?

Ah, glad to hear. I was searching around and trying to figure out if they were an off-shoot from each other or something like that. Probably go to el pescador since its a little more north and likely closer to where I’ll be wandering.

Actually, El Pescador is much further south - almost to the border - than the Mariscos German truck.

If you’re interested in Mexican comida corrida (homestyle cooking) do lunch at Super Cocina. University and Cherokee in the City Heights neighborhood. Steamtable service - but don’t let that put you off - and they’ll give you a little taste of anything on offer before you make your final selections.

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My reports on Pomegranate and Kafe Sobaka (same owners, substantial overlap between the menus) are here:

Beef borscht, lamb shank, and the salad sampler were my favorites.