JeetKuneBao's NYC (and nearby) eats

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Very Fresh Noodles, Chelsea Market

I loved the cucumbers. Got the Taiwanese Beef Noodle with the biang biang noodles. I am pretty damn picky when it comes to Taiwanese Beef Noodles. The broth is average imo. Not much depth and complexity. A good broth imo has sweet/umami/spicy balanced out. Very little pickled greens if any. No tendons because it’s in Chelsea, Manhattan lol. It’s fine I guess but not as good as SGV.

Sunny and Annies, East Village. KEC. Kimchi Egg and Cheese. Next time will ask for a chopped cheese with chopped bulgogi.


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Are those noodles housemade??? They look really good.


Noodles are housemade. You can see the guy slapping the biang biang noodles.

Missed my curtain call for Death of A Salesman. Going to take the F Train to BK and try out Lucali.


Sergio is here



It’s quite the ordeal lol. First off I would plan your afternoon into the early evening/night around Lucali. You get there at around 230-330 ideally. The later you get there the more likely you will not be eating. You put your name down at 4pm and come back later. I chose 5pm. Went down a few blocks to pick up a bottle of chianti. The vibe is great. Candles for lighting and oldies playing. Sergio in the house. If coming from Manhattan take the Brooklyn bound F Train to Carroll. It’s in a charming residential neighborhood.

Plain pie. Thin crisp crust. The cheese are a blend. Sauce is not too tart. Fresh basil on top to pay homage to DiFara/Dom.

It’s a pretty good pie but so is John’s of Bleecker and Luigi’s. I would go back again if some friends wanted to go.

Calzone. This was great! Creamy cheese, outside a little char, with that tomato sauce…chefs kiss.

Glad to try it. Cash only btw. There is a bodega like 2 doors down if you need cash.


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New school Chinese-fusionish.

These 2 are on my to-do lists.

Probably not a equal comparison to Needle in Silver Lake. What I like about Needle is that it’s dishes are new school but taste very familiar. Not in a fusion sense.

What would you guys get from the menus above? I know I gotta try the Charsiu McRib at Bonnie’s.


@JeetKuneBao Thank you for sharing and please report back whichever you have. I want to try at least one of the rice item here, from the bottom up if a priority is needed :relaxed:

Also very much agree with Bonnie’s:
Health is wealth! Stay healthy & don’t catch a cold, it’s getting chilly there. Eat more vitamin packed food!

I have never been to neither places but I would get these from this menu:

  1. Any Charsiu special if they have it!
  2. (Optional) - endive salad: dragonfruit, cara cara orange, pistachios, pecorino
  3. tiger shrimp w/ walnuts: calabrian chili aioli, hot honey, candied walnuts, caulini
  4. oyster mushroom rice roll noodles: asparagus, garlic chives… Maybe add hanger steak!
  5. (Optional) - spicy eggplant: doubanjiang, fried shallots, cilantro

Happy exploring and report back whenever you can!


Yes, I liked seeing @JeetKuneBao’s NY eats in the monthly rundown.


Going to HMart in North Jersey to buy some stuff for work Thanksgiving meal. Going to make galbijim ala Sun Nong Dan, quick kimchi cucumbers (sorry don’t know the term off the top for “quick” kimchi), and some koshihikari rice.

Any recs for Korean in North Jersey (suppose to be better food than Manhattan K-Town and Flushing/Bayside).

Or I just might take the ferry across to the city for a quick lunch. Would rather stay in Manhattan I know much more options in Brooklyn/Queens I wanna save some time. Any ideas or recs? Who am I kidding it’s most likely going to be somewhere in East Village/LES/Chinatown/Village.


Is palisades park considered north jersey? Halmae noodle has excellent kalguksu (knife cut noodles). The standard #12 halmae kalguksu is SO good. Sa rit gol in fort lee is also excellent, their gamjatang is super yummy.


Mark is a great guy all around. Glad you made it out to Lucali.

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@JeetKuneBao if there is anything you can’t find at Hmart NJ, go down to HanNam Mart around the corner.

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Missed my exit lol. GW bridge toll. Mine as well get some Dominican food but I am on a time crunch. Flipped a biyatch.

Fort Lee is Korean AF not LA Ktown AF though.

Sat Rit Gol

Auntie being hella judgemental that I am ordering all of this for MYSELF LMAO

I haven’t had Korean food in a long time


2 soups and 1 main :fish: for one is spotted on! Mackerels look amazing.

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When I hit the 3rd pic, I was like, “Did he order this all for himself???” I hadn’t even yet seen the fish yet! Hah.


Sunset Park. Brooklyn, NYC

Damn this is a very good egg tart. Not as good as Golden Gate Bakery but very damn good and at $1.75!


Hole in the wall Fujian snack place. Got the wontons and ban mian/peanut noodles.