Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand

To start, Joel Robuchon is THE most expensive meal I ever had. However, the price tag comes with a luxurious dining room, an extravagant and over-the-top bread cart and dessert trolley, a mighty fine meal that’s executed flawlessly.

The meal really focused on contrasting texture and each dish had no more than a few combination of flavors so you can definitely make out the flavor of the ingredients themselves. There were also plenty of Asian/Japanese influence in JR’s cooking which contributed to the lightness of the meal. Lastly, no dessert from any restaurants that I went to even came close to the, taste, complexity, and beauty of what I had here.

Overall, the cooking is top notch. If you don’t mind your wallet bleeding out and aren’t looking for any ground breaking cookery, you should be able to leave this place more than satisfied.

3 macarons back when a tire company still cared about Vegas

Probably the most beautiful and luxurious restaurant I’ve been to!

Some kind of quinoa potato ball with some sauce which escaped my memory…

Huge slap of butter carved tableside

Some mighty fine olive oil and butta

Show stopper! A bread cart with like 20 different bread/pastries. I only had room to try 11 of them but they were pretty much all amazing.

We tried bacon bread, milk bread, brioche, saffron bread, puff pastry, mini croissant, and gruyere cheese bread.

We also tried basil brioche, baugette, comte cheese bread, and I forgot about the last one.

Oscetra caviar served atop of king crab in a crustacean gelee dotted with cauliflower puree

All the components complemented each other really well which added up to more than the sum of their parts. It’s a rare occurrence since caviar, in many cases, were just used as a “condiment” on a dish.

Tomato jelly and a gazpacho sphere in a tomato consome

Violet artichoke and foie gras salad with croutons and parmesan shavings

Maine lobster in a thinly sliced turnip with a sweet and sour dressing

Poached and seared white asparagus with black garlic, shiso and Espelette pepper

Who would’ve thought something so simple would be so good when executed properly?!

Semi-soft boiled egg on a spinach puree with comte cheese sauce

Flan of sea urchin on potato puree topped with Arabica coffee foam

I never thought coffee would pair so well with uni

Rose Shrimp and rose shrimp fritter in bonito tuna and kombu seaweed broth with ginger

Truffled langoustine ravioli in a foie gras sauce with simmered green cabbage

Super decadent! My favorite!

Seared scallop in green curry with young leeks

Duck foie gras gyoza with matsutake mushroom foam

John Dory with tempura of shiso leaf on squid ink risotto

The batter was ever so light which contrasted well with the meaty flesh of the fish

Roasted squab and foie gras wrapped in bacon and cabbage, sweet and sour cherry, fresh almonds, potato puree

A play on tournedos rossini? I much prefer this version since squab, to me, is much more flavorful than filet mignon. Adding to it is the famous Joel Robuchon 50/50 potato to butter ratio.

Dessert incoming!


Shaved ice with hibiscus syrup with some sort of panna cotta on the bottom

Macha raspberry-cherry blossom compote

Earl Grey tiramisu with mascarpone

Hazelnut milk chocolate cremeux with coffee chantilly and praline ice cream

A ridiculously eye-pleasing dessert and they tasted fantastic!

Everything’s edible including the butterflies

Okay…fine…you certainly can’t eat the glass and the base

An extravagant dessert cart followed with about 40 house made confections.

Got 27 of them. Best confections ever unlike the mass produced buffet stuff.

Parting gift from the restaurant. A loaf of raspberry pineapple pound cake and a copy of tonight’s menu

A very calm and efficient kitchen

The worker bee assistant pastry chefs that whipped up those beautiful desserts and confections!

Joel Robuchon
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


awesome pictures. that truffle foie gras ravioli was my favorite too, the only thing i’ve had that’s come close is the foie gras, truffle, marsala pasta at acquerello.

do they still pick you up in a gold-plated limo?

It was discontinued when I went last year. :frowning_face:

I wonder what the customer-to-staff ratio is? That’s clearly an insane amount of labor.

Did the macha raspberry-cherry blossom compote and Earl Grey tiramisu with mascarpone look exactly alike or is that a mistake with the photos?

The number of kitchen staff can be seen in the picture I posted. One thing to note is that the place clearly wasn’t busy and the dining room was never full when I was there.

As for the pictures, they were different. The first one had a couple of sugar rain drops.

The people in the kitchen during service are only part of the staff.

I read an interview with Robuchon some years ago where he said that Carré de Feuillants had more staff than customers, and at the time he was dubious that that kind of labor-intensive restaurant had a future.

I’m bummed out the Joel Robuchon has passed away today. :frowning_face: I had one of the most spectacular meal at his Las Vegas outpost.

Behind the scenes video from Eater.

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Oh my. I watched the first 30 seconds and ran out of patience. All just too precious. I’m ready for those kinds of dishes/meals to go out of style. But then how can they charge what they charge otherwise. My opinion, never humble, of course :slight_smile: