Jo's Modern Thai - Oakland Laurel

This place is great. Reminded me a bit of Night + Market, where the chef worked. Pork laab burger, lobster (not much) pad thai, shrimp toast, lon tao hoo, wings, would order all again. Looking forward to going back to try more.

Also great natty wine list.

beef short rib appetizer




pork jowl (aka “neck” at other Thai places) curry

I’ve been here 3 times now - one of my favorites in the east bay so far. I’m usually bad about taking photos - will have to remember the next time I go.

Wings (ordered 3x) - there are up there along with Spices 3 as my favorite wings in the east bay. Great crunch and seasoning, alongside the nice and funky jaew sauce (could be even spicier for my taste). Closest comp would be the fish sauce wings at Lily on Clement.

Oysters (ordered 2x) - not on the menu but has been offered as a special all 3 times I’ve been. They had different mignonettes each time - don’t remember exactly what was on them, but remembered they were a nice balance of sweet, salty, and sour.

Burger and Shrimp Toast - haven’t ordered either of these yet, but a friend who’s also been a few times said these are two of the better items on the menu.

Pork Jowl Curry (ordered 1x) - I found this to be pretty disappointing when I got it. The curry itself was almost cloyingly sweet, and the texture of the pork jowl was really bouncy and chewy. My friend has gotten it another time and said the pork jowl was really tender.

Drunken noodle (ordered 2x) - Love this dish. Spicy, familiar flavors in the noodles and veggies, and tender brisket with a smokiness that complements the dish.

Stir fried seasonal veggies (ordered 2x) - Underrated side dish. I think we got baby bok once and pea shoots the other. Nice wok hei and finished with white pepper.

They also have great cocktails - I’ve had the Talk of the Town, Paying Homage, and Isaan Mule. All well balanced and pair great with the food.