JThur01's San Gabriel Valley Update

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I see there’s another Shen Yang Restaurant in Monterey Park - - any relation?

i was at OCC last month. not a clue. calamity of near biblical proportions!

as for hot star, saw that coming a while back - pretty much after i ate there.

Nope, no relation. At one point, there was also another Shen Yang in Rowland Heights, which was completely unrelated to either of the other two.

The weird thing is the Shen Yang in Monterey Park was reportedly sold and was going to get flipped into a ramen joint, but that was some time ago and didn’t happen.

Agree :frowning: I realize it’s not a very good shot, but here’s the note on the door of Old Country Cafe. If anyone could provide a translation (beyond the obvious thank you), I’d appreciate it.


a recent eater article says that panasia is backed by the same people who run all the phoenix inn places. never been a big fan of phoenix inn, but they know their market.

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REST. Thank you.

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Thanks! (d’oh! I probably should have recognized “rest”) Even though I didn’t get a good shot, any translation on the three small characters on the far right side (past the heart) ?

Yours truly, Old Country


The Alhambra branch of Tasty Garden is now called Mr. Yuet. Waiter claimed that nothing has changed and that may be true. However, the menu is much slimmer than before, though most of my favorite dishes are still there, and are similar in preparation to the Tasty Garden days. Also all the servers are now running around wearing orange “Mr. Yuet” shirts.

Thanks J_L., I appreciate it. Yours truly didn’t come up in Mandarin year one :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s possible to have a partially swift, yet slowly inexorable slide, the Tasty Garden chain accomplished it. Thanks for the report.

Heheh no worries, Jim. To be honest this was not a literal translation. " XYZ 親" is a sign-off for any correspondence, much like “Yours truly”…