July 2020 Rundown

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Looking forward to your explorations! :slight_smile: Definitely report back on how you think Katz’s compares with our beloved Langer’s.

Make sure you BYOB (bring your own bread). The rye bread they serve is a travesty.



Cielito Lindo x Superfine Pizza x Jeni’s

Taquitos from Cielito Lindo

When I first moved here, my friends of Mexican descent insisted we go here every couple of weeks. Totally has a soft spot in my heart. $3.60 for two.


Gave my thoughts on the pizza thread ( https://foodtalkcentral.com/t/cheesy-savory-delicious-meat-lovers-vegetarian-and-vegan-a-pizza-journey-superfine-il-romanista-desano-pizza-wagon-of-brooklyn-pizzeria-mozza-south-end-l-antica-pizzeria-da-michele-prime-lupetti-triple-beam-and-more-thoughts-pics/10209/289?u=gr8pimpin ) My crust was not crisped up like others have reported. Tasted good, but more neopolitan than New York. Toppings were great. Pepperoni cups nice and spicy. Honey salami is a huge pass for me. It’s like eating a breakfast cereal or a honey bun with salami.

Garlic spinach was fantastic. Spinach crispy and fresh. Garlic not overpowering. Terrific. Crust was floppy.

I’ll give them another shot at some point.


mk subzero
Señor Sub-Zero, what wondrous hauls remain cached in thine domains?

Top row: (1) Bulgarini gelato: Pistachio, almond and hazelnut (2) Kiriko: Meyer lemon ice cream
Center group: (3) Antico: Harry’s Berries strawberry (original batch) (4) Antico: Watermelon sorbet, (5) Antico: Summer harvest peach (freshly churned), (6) Nancy (Silverton’s) Fancy: Passion fruit gelato (7) Spago: Bananas Foster ice cream, (8) Antico: Harry’s Berries strawberry (most recent batch), (9) Antico: Summer harvest peach (original batch)
Bottom: (10) Magnolia: Halo halo

(Not pictured: Carvel: Classic Oreo 4th of July ice cream cake)

Test your might.


whatever you do, don’t call it a philly roast pork.


might as well add dizengoff and goldie’s for the proper solomonov-bangx3.


The pastrami is slightly better at Katz but the bread is absolutely horrible which makes it overall much worse compared to Langer’s


Instead of traditional July 4 fare, I did a pick up of Jimmy Sugishita’s bento, which I had not had before. I’ve tried the chirashi (in a previous and the current incarnation) and while they were awesome the bento got me super excited! I always love me some variety. :yum:
:star_struck: I haven’t been able to dive into the LA takeout scene as much since I actually live in OC but this I think tops my list (Shunji is a personal close second). Some of the dishes reminded me of Hayato (which made me a little sad since there hasn’t been a peep out of them all lockdown). On one side is a tekkadon, and the rice here has been prepared differently from the rice in the middle! You can see how there are nori flakes (I think) as well as sesame seeds. The middle is topped with uni and grilled fish. I think it was supposed to be two types, one of which is Kinmedai and the other should be Katsuura. The other end has an assortment. The Aji Bozushi had, again, a different kind of rice. Not sure what else he did but I do believe some greens were sprinkled in it. Going clockwise, you have his cake-like Tamago, grilled lotus root and other veggies (Okra, Shiitake, carrots), and then Ikura over Mizuna Ohitashi.

Overall, a super awesome meal. I think he might make it somewhat seasonal too as he might change the fish he includes with the seasons. Oh and soy sauce was definitely not your standard soy sauce. Sweeter than the usual so not sure what he’s using. He was using real wasabi for the Chirashi before so I presume the bento tekkadon part also was real wasabi (It tasted like it for mebut I don’t have the most delicate palate and struggle to tell the difference when I haven’t had either in a while). If I remember the Chirashi price, I think pricing for the bento is similar. Inquiries made through his IG.

Wrapped up with some afternoon dessert from a stop at the Pasadena farmers market that morning.
I heard about this sorbet compared to Antico’s strawberry ice cream. Antico was a bit further out than I wanted to drive and I was making a stop for some Harry’s Berry’s Gaviotas and Tenerelli Orchard white peaches anyways so grabbed this. Soooooo good!!! So much concentrated strawberry goodness in each bite. I don’t eat sorbet often and somehow associate it with something sour but this was not that. Just rich, sweet strawberry goodness. I think $5 for 8 oz?

I haven’t tried Antico’s but if you can make it to a farmer’s market or wherever they sell it I’d give it a shot, especially for that cheap. It was cash only in Pasadena though. Two options when I was there, Gaviota and Mara of which I chose Gaviota.

A bit late but I hope everyone had a good July 4th weekend!


True. And the pastrami is not that great either.
The mustard was aces on my last visit.

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Not like I did any research on lobster rolls on the East Coast, but are they really going to be all that much better than The Lobsta Truck (even if they might be bigger)? Def interested in your take.

Very much enjoyed the few times I’ve had Maryland crab cakes, though. :slight_smile:

Not an expert and I like the Lobsta Truck, but in my limited experience, yes it was better. Higher quality lobster meat, well done bun and dressed properly. Tried it both ways, butter and mayo a few times and it was just really good at the places we tried in Boston and other parts of New England.

Also my first time having fried clams with bellies and yeah, wish we could get that easier here in LA.

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Yes, my understanding is that other seafood stuff is better (or, at least, there are more plentiful high-quality places that are also possibly cheaper) on the east coast.

No mayo on a lobster roll for me! Did you find a bigger difference w/ the cold mayo versions or w/ both versions?

I like mayo so that colors my perspective. It’s just different. Lightly dressed mayo is a wonderful cold version with the mayo enhancing the sweetness of the meat and compliments, not overpowers, just like a good egg or chicken salad.

The butter is the warm version and lightly dressed with the warm bun and meat is a different experience.

As with anything that relies on a few ingredients simply prepared, it comes down so much to execution and quality of ingredients.

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Don’t sleep on some good Korean food in Flushing and Bayside. They have some of the same outposts as LA but you’re right, by and large LA > any other cities Korean food.

If you go to Boston go to Neptune Oyster. The best seafood bar we’ve been to. Like Connie and Teds but better. Those steamers, lobster roll and fried clams.


Enjoy Katz’s @jeetkunebao! I personally love it, and my opinion will probably get me kicked out of LA. The pastrami is thick, stacked high and ridiculously flavorful. I won’t pretend the bread is amazing, but I don’t have a problem with it either.

Katz’s pastrami sandwich is a towering size - difficult to hold and bite into. Heartier bread could make it more difficult to eat than it already is. And I have a pretty sizable jaw.

The #19 from Langer’s takes a completely different approach, and the rye bread makes sense for the way this sandwich was designed. I’m surprised that the comparison is usually focused on the quality of bread and pastrami.

The entire style of these sandwiches are different, and I don’t feel this gets acknowledged enough. Obviously a lot of people are passionate about Langer’s and weighing in seems like walking into a furnace, but if you’re already going to Katz’s this might be a worthwhile perspective to share.


That is only if you tip the sandwich maker ahead of time. If you don’t, you will get a very small sandwich.

Last time I was at Katz, the sandwich was $20 pre tip and tax. Not sure how much it is now. I personally like the smoke flavor of Katz but the navel cut they use is just too fatty for me. I much prefer their brisket sandwich, which is excellent. And their house made Russian dressing is top notch in their reuben, and the grilling of the bread makes it exponentially better.

$23 pre T&T. Here was mine without tip:

Seeing the ginormous amount of meat that @mchen had, I should’ve tipped!


Yes! Second this!


Didn’t know about this, but sounds like it worked in our favor and is worth doing again.

This looks much more like the Katz sandwich I had. And I even tipped!!

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