Jus Poke-Redondo Beach

Yup Poke!

I know I know there is one on every corner in So Cal. I assure you Jus Poke is the real deal Ohana owned. Real poke! Not that other crap.

Got the bowl which comes with rice and a side. I added avocado because I am in California. Those cucumbers are so good! Pickled and slightly sweet. The poke was marinated with sesame oil and has ogo. Does McPoke even have ogo?

Had some leftover rice. So I got 1/3 pound more of the shoyu poke!

And when I walked in they were bumping some Bob Marley. So yeah I guess I am a fan now.

This might be the only real Poke joint in LA. F that chipotle style poke crap


that looks pretty damn legit.

do they have octopus?

My friend works around the corner from that. We’ve been there a few times. I really like it.

Yup they’ve been serving up legit poke long before all the poke chains showed up.

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Never seen octopus there. I think they just sell different versions of Hawaiian style ahi poke

Ali’i Fish Company in El Segundo

How did this place slip from me. Fish from Honolulu Fish Auction and Hawaiian seaweed…nuff said’

Another “real” poke place to add


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Used to work pretty close to Alii. Went there twice for lunch and thought the poke was very good for California. The best poke I’ve had in Cali is at Bristol Farms. I’ve tried the poke at Costco and got a salty batch. Never been to Jus Poke or the place in San Clemente everybody loves.

For some reason I don’t crave poke like when I’m in Hawaii. Is it the local ingredients? Is it the freshly caught fish? Is it that I’m on vacation and usually a couple drinks in by early afternoon?

Next time I go pick up beers at Horus I’m going to stop by that place in San Clemente.


I am a poke at anytime kind of person (and I might be semi-allergic) but if you get a chance try out jus poke. Not only is it great but their plate around 11 dollars which includes two scoops of poke rice and two sides of salad so a great value too.

@JeetKuneBao I tried Alii once and had poke that was way too salty. Never went back but maybe it was just a bad batch.

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I found it to be fine, but not close to as good as Jus Poke.

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I finally tried Ali’i Fish Company and enjoyed it much more than Jus Poke. The seasoning is simple, however the quality of ahi tuna is the best I have had in SoCal for poke. The texture is so smooth and luscious. I only got the ahi tuna and would probably stick with that. Also grabbed a ahi katsu burger and thought it tasted darn good and would easily order again.


That’s high praise because Jus Poke is great! That ahi burger looks really good

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This place is a gem, and there is nice park around the corner to eat at. Even the potato bun was crisped nicely for a delicate crunch to supplement the crunchy texture of the ahi katsu.

I’m already planning my next visit.


Ali’i. Onion Limu poke with a side pickled limu. Came late in the day so it was a little over marinated with the soy.

Ahi Katsu Burger was all out. Damn it. @A5KOBE


Bang bang with Jus Poke