KAF no-knead sourdough bread

I’ve long struggled w/ super wet doughs (Tartine, Ken Forkish overnight country blonde). You have to babysit the dough, you have to fold it too many times (IMHO), and there’s just a ton of variability in the final proofing time.

Most of the time, I get an over proofed, flattened mess.

I decided that making a decent load couldn’t be THIS difficult, so I went searching on the internet for a simpler recipe. I found this

Tried it tonight for the first time. No making a separate levain (woo-hoo!). Only one proof. Dough is considerably less wet and is MUCH easier to work w/ (it actually WILL shape into a ball!). It’s an easy recipe.

Pics below. Much better over spring. Thin but crisp crust. Soft, moist (but not WET) crumb (sorry it’s out of focus). I cut into it after only 30 mins (couldn’t wait). Not very sour (I did a fridge proof for about 15 hrs?), which is fine by me.

I might try to play around w/ trying a different mix of flours (I love the taste of the white, wheat, dark rye mix of the Forkish recipe), but I think I’m going to stick w/ this recipe as-is while I get some more confidence in my skills. Woo-hoo!!!


Nice! Did you already have a sourdough starter?

Yes. Made it from Lionel Vatinet’s book “A Passion for Bread” (no particular reason why; it was the 2nd starter I ever made) a few yrs ago. 100% hydration.

Since the recipe doesn’t specify a levain, I guess any starter will do. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for this. We’re still trying different things. Let me/us know if it can be sliced for sandwiches.

If you’re doing something like avocado toast, it’d prob be great. Crust, while not terribly thick, is still prob a but too crunchy to make for a good traditional sandwich, IMHO.

Thanks, kiddo. That’s what we’ve found so far. Good for toast. But we’re going to do a road trip and a sandwich to have en route wouldn’t make it. Guess this is a topic for another thread.
PS: We have a couple of English friends who have been traveling the world petsitting for four years and he carries their sourdough starter with them :slight_smile: