Kalguksu and or samgyetang

I’m going to be in LA for a few days next week, and i’m craving either kalguksu or samgyetang. Or, possibly, both. I know that Hangari Kalguksu has a chicken kalguksu that is basically a samgyetang noodle soup, with the ginseng and jujubes. Should i just mix the two cravings into one bowl and try that? Or if i skip noodles, is Buil Samgye tang where i want to go to scratch that itch? Any other good samgyetang places? Back to noodles, how does hangari compare to Myung Dong Kyoja and Olympic noodle? I don’t know where the craving for kalguksu is coming from. My mom would sometimes make a basic chicken one but not often, and she didn’t really fuss over making the noodles, as far as resting the dough, kneading technique or anything. They weren’t great but they were comforting, and i like the irregularities in the noodles. But i want something better. Thanks!

Add Ma Dang to your list of kalgooksu, them and the other 2 mentioned are probably the best in Ktown.

Buil is probably your best bet for samgyetang. If going late at night I think The Mountain has samgyetang. Warning Alexandria Plaza is a huge clusterfuk mostly because of Sun Nong Dan, which is like a must for Mainlanders it seems.

Best thing about Olympic is the tableside kimchi. Myung kimchi’s is way to garlicky. Ma Dang has great house chili sauce. I find them to be all similar as far as broth and noodle chew/slurp factor.


Mapo Kkak Doo Gee!!!

How could I forget them!!!

I believe they have kalgooksu and soojaebi (not too common in Ktown)

Best of all the banchan is some of the best a big variety, maybe 10-12 items!!!

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Buil is the best, but Gwang Yang has a pretty decent version too. Though you’re more likely to be tempted by the BBQ if you step into Gwang Yang.

You could hypothetically do a bang bang as Gwang Yang is right across the street from Hangari.

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Oh! What are your favorite dishes at this place? I must’ve missed your previous post on this place. Thanks.

I go to a place that’s called Myung Dong Noodle House on Irolo and 7th a lot. Their kalguksu is tremendous, but they’re known more for their samgyetang. In fact the Korean girl I took there last read the name of the restaurant and said that it actually is called something like Myung Dong noodle and samgyetang house (paraphrasing)


MaDang has the more irregular noodles for kalguksu… but my spot has the hand torn Sujebi which is dope.


Soojebi, little hand torn pasta

It’s really just good ol homestyle food, nothing that will blow your mind

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I would go to hangari, that place is hands down my favorite for kalgooksoo. The noodles are better than both myung dung and Olympic noodle and so are their panchan

If you want a more old school style go for western Doma or Olympic noodle.

You just made me think and conclude my top 3:

Myung Dong Noodle House (not kyoja)

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Never had Madang will have to try some time

I think there’s consensus those grannies are the OG and still top dog noodlers.

For years this has been my ktown go to and chronically under appreciated on the old board (I feel like I was one of the few that even mentioned it).

That being said I haven’t been in a while and my partner reports that something has changed with the cooking over there and that the women who run/ran it are nowhere to be found. I need to make my way over but if her experience was the norm it has gone way downhill.

In the past, their banchan was almost unbeatable in breadth, depth, flavor and variety. Even after going there regularly for ~8 years I was still being surprised by new dishes.

We loved the soondubu. The best that I’ve had, consistently better than Beverly Soon or even Sokongdong (rip).
Other highlights: black cod (better than Jun Won based on my one experience at JW), kalguksu, japchae, soup with rice cakes and dumplings.

I’ll go in the next few weeks and see if it is what I remember it being, but I worry that it might have changed owners/chefs quietly


And the banchan always had variety in taste, and texture.

I haven’t been in a year. I am due for a return visit

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Hey I frequent that joint too! Bang bang afterward on jjajangmyeon and mandu at Yu Ga Ne.

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This is the spot i’ve been to the most in LA because my coworker who does the driving for the last 3 years has only 3 places he likes so we’re probably in the 5 dozen range by now. Banchan got better with the new owners.

sorry - lost track, which one are you referring to?

Myung Kong Noodle House


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Thanks for the clarification, I was getting a little confused, too! And thanks everyone for your comments. It looks like there will still be some rainy weather when I get there, perfect for these foods. For me. I do NOT crave samgyetang on the hottest days of summer, thank you.

What standouts at Hangari is the banchan is a boribap. Mini barley bowl.


that was delicious