Kbbq equipment (burner/grills/pans) @ home?

A few questions

  1. Like taste/smell of charcoal. Like convenience of gas. How do y’all recreate this magic combo at home?
    1a) Does anyone do kbbq at home using charcoal only?

  2. Anyone got a good primer for what grills to use with what types of meat? I imagine the more solid metal ones with less holes would be better for brisket, and vice versa for pork belly/other beef?

  3. Any other thoughts on how do step up my kbbq at home game?

I’ve looked into both charcoal and bincho but decided it was too much work and mess. I would recommend electric over gas/butane. The electric grills are better for overall heating of the pan. My AC blows the flames of the butane grill all over the place and the canister always goes out at the worst possible moment.

This is the grill we use. My friend has one that is made out of the same material that is square shaped. Not sure what material but it heats up pretty well. You can get your pork belly pretty crispy. It’s important to have a slope so all the fat drains out into the middle.

Go to Kim’s Home Center on Olympic Blvd for your wares. They’ll have a bunch of different options.


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Hm here’s an interesting thought, 20k BTU/burner, also has wind shields

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We have a setup something similar to this.


How about this and use binchotan? Should be pretty easy to fire up with a chimney


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