Kelly Whitaker's Magic

I first met Kelly Whitaker at The Bruery where he and Peter Reinhart were developing a pizza to be paired with Bruery beer in a competition. It was a lovely afternoon. When I finally made it to Kelly’s first restaurant, Basta in Boulder, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that he is far more than a talented pizzaiolo, but a wonderful chef. Kelly has opened a second restaurant in Denver, The Wolf’s Tailor, and a bakery/breakfast/sandwich shop, Dry Storage, in Boulder. I highly recommend all three establishments. Basta and The Wolf’s Tailor both offer a tasting menu for $55 a person with optional beverage pairings for an additional $20. During my last visit (my daughter is at CU Boulder) I tried both and was very impressed. First Basta:
We began with hamachi atop a delicately flavored wasabi panne cotta,

This was followed by a quartet of Piada bread, house pickles, marinated olives, and chicken liver mousse crostinis.

Sorry about the next photo which is of roasted squash served atop an excellent sauce.

Next was a wonderful heirloom tomato, watermelon salad adorned with burrata and roasted tomatoes with greens.

The pasta course was so very good…both pasta and sausage made in house.

The mains were perfectly crisp skinned wood roasted mackeral and the “Summer Pizza” a seasonal creation featuring a textbook crust delicately topped with mortadella, corn, zucchini, and fresh mozzarella. Exquisite!

Dessert was crisp meringue veiling a chocolate, caramel and cream delight.

I didn’t take photos of the beverage pairings, but they were perfect. One that really stood out was a bone dry Lambrusco offered with the vegetable course. It was one those wines where one sniff and you are transported to a hot, lazy, summer day. So very good. As this has gone on for quite some time I will post The Wolf’s Tailor pictures tomorrow.


Thanks @ebethsdad. This restaurant looks like a very respectable / great eatery that wouldn’t be out of place in LA.


Wondering if you could talk a little bit about The Wolf’s Tailor? We’re thinking of going in a few weeks, but the menu has gone to $95/person.

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I consider that well worth it. As I never posted the pictures from that meal here they are:

Started with house pickled vegetables;

Next was a rice paper roll of some sort (sorry it was two years ago and I don’t remember what it was other than delicious)

Next was hamachi sashimi;

Then fresh corn chawanmushi with crispy corn silk - this was spectacular

Followed by grilled skewers - the grilled avocado with egg yolk was another delightful dish

I don’t remember what the pasta dish was, but it was excellent;

This was another vegetable dish - again I don’t remember other than it was innovative;

Desserts were fantastic especially the caramel tart.

In all honesty The Wolf’s Tailor would be a top tier restaurant in LA and would cost twice as much. I highly recommend it especially the tasting menu with the beverage parings. Have a wonderful time!

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Wow! That’s a ton of food for $55! Thanks for posting. I really appreciate it. Emailed the restaurant to ask what the differences were. Will post when I return.

If you have any other Boulder/Denver reccs, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again!

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I will get back to you with a list. Ebeth is visiting before she goes back to Boulder so I will pick her mind. There is an outdoor gathering on Tuesday nights in Boulder that is so good. Lots of great bbq and beer in that area.
Will send you a list later.

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