Kinn - Ktown

ohhh going this weekend

gotta coordinate with them ahead of time.

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Ok thanks for that clarification.

who/what is prd?

pearl river deli


Chef Johnny Lee (@JLee loves it when you call him the Prince of poultry btw!)


no i dont


all hail the prince of poultry!


The chancellor of chicken!


Had a very nice meal at Kinn last thursday to celebrate the ol birthday - two menus due to veggie/non veggie

Please note - only one dish on the menu was supposed to have white truffle, the Truffle egg. But our Astrea Distributor in the South also imports all kinds of mushrooms - he sent me a 4+oz white truffle for my birthday so we just asked Chef to put it on whatever he thought would work. I still have 1.5oz left O_O.

First I want to give a shoutout to Chef Ki Kim for doing this menu for us. $169 is a steal, we all left stuffed and happy. Anywhere else this menu would be significantly more and it should be more here. Wouldn’t have blinked if he told me it was $240.

Meat eater

Non meat eater

Course 1

Bugak Shell, Wood Vin, Chives

Tartare of Hen of the Woods

Like a mini handroll.

Bluefin Tuna Collar Tartare

Course 2

Astrea Caviar Schrenckii Sturgeon, Weiserfamily Ice Cream

Fantastic bite, I was a bit curious of this combination but the umami from the Schrenckii worked great from the mostly savory leaning squash Ice Cream. Would definitely eat again.

Kurodai Mulhwe - Marinated Kurodai, Yam Puree, Lime Juice, Borage Flower**

Course 3
Truffled egg - Poached egg, Parmesan Potato Foam, Alba Truffles

This was great, there was some Korean chili paste note to it that really elevated it up a notch

Course 4

Steamed Turnip with Oyster Cream - Alba white truffles
I love all things steamed turnip. Caviar butter sauce is chefs kiss

Steamed Shirako

My friend who had no clue what Shirako was, tried it and thought it was good. Then we told him and he had second thoughts… or did he?

Course 5

Dry Aged Duck Breast - Granny smith apple puree, duck jus, kim chi

Grilled Leek with Hollandaise

I love grilled leek, wish sauce was a touch less salty but texture wise it was perfect

Course 6

Black Truffle Bibimbap

Interesting cause nothing really bibimbap to it? It was a very well seasoned and cooked barley rice topped with black truffle. It was delicious, but didn’t understand the Bibimbap part but it was still really good.

Crispy Tilefish - jiri broth, fennel muchim, tarragon oil

Course 7

Eggplant with Lamb Jus

Fried eggplant, cooked perfectly. Didn’t really need the sauce, I was picking at the crumbs cause the coating was so tasty.

Colorado Lamb Chop, Charred Onion, Jus, Sorrel

At this point the guys were tapping out. it was a thick ass piece of lamb chop. Half of them didn’t finish it.

Course 8

Of course Chef wouldn’t let us tap out cause he brought out the Blackthroat Seaperch Rice (Shiitake for me)


Off menu course

Chef had joined us to drink wine and he knew we still had a fair amount of wine left over, so sliced up some Prime dry aged steak with alba truffles cause why not for the other guys

For me he did Homemade tofu in a sesame sauce

Course 9
Truffle Ice Cream with Chocolate Cake

Delicious, I devoured it. The cake was pillowy and light, ice cream was just the right amount of sweet

extra dessert

I really wanted the Corn Shaved Ice they were known for. So it happened. After having White Truffles on shaved ice at Locust in Nashville, I had to do it again. AWESOME DESSERT. GIMME ALL THE SHAVED ICE


happy birthday

male “eggs” aren’t on the diet? :sweat_smile:


Happy birthday :partying_face:

Happy Birthday!
This is nothing like the dinner we had at Kinn on Saturday! Must have been custom made just for you.
Looks fantastic!

Kinn and PRD collab on 29th and 30th this month. Anyone going?

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Happy birthday