Kishka Search

I’m moving the kishka search out of the CH Hari-Kari thread so that it doesn’t get lost (or interupt the CH laments).

Who’s got it still and where is it really good?

Robert said that it’s still on the menu @ Langer’s, but I’ve never had theirs. Any reports? Maybe Wexler’s should step up and make some—I bet it would be fantastic!

Fucking Greenblatt’s has it too. I haven’t tried it just yet.

Thanks for setting up the thread.

Langer’s definitely has it but, it’s not very good. Think microwave burn. I made it once and don’t remember it being difficult and I was pleased with the results.

JAB–Not very good and microwave burn doesn’t sound encouraging (who would micrwave kishka?). Granted this is old school stuff—but somebody still has to be making it. How 'bout any of the kosher places?

I’m sure it’s probably not too difficult to make although time consuming----that could be an El Nino rainy day project (I would also need a sausage attachment for my cusinart). Are beef or lamb casings easy to find (never looked for them previously)? I know I can get schmaltz @ either poultry butcher at Farmers Market (3rd/Fairfax)

Bonus points for kishka photos

Brent’s Northridge. Very good!

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looking pretty good—is the farfel like a farfel poultry stuffing (I suppose that might be matzah farfel)?
chicken gravy? (not that I need gravy per se for the kishika, but could be yummy on farfel).