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I think she’d say “sushi is sushi and kimbap is kimbap”.

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Outta curiosity, what joints have great banchan variety and quality? There’s this one banchan, fried or candied sweet potato I believe, that I’ve had before but I haven’t come across in LA. Sounds super basic but it’s crazy delicious.

I think for pure variety and selection, it’s hard to top Genwa.

But for quality for quality’s sake, I think my vote goes to Park’s.

Which isn’t to say the banchan at Genwa is of low quality, just that I think the ingredients and freshness at Park’s is a step (or 2 or 3) above most places.

But for pure selection, hard to beat Genwa (with maybe Soban a distant second)


This assessment strikes me as spot on.

Chung kiwa has a potato that’s sweetened as a banchan but your description sounds more like a dessert served at Korean Chinese restaurants

I thought the quality at Park’s was great, including some of the best kimchi I’ve ever had, but I’m pretty sure that since we were at a four-top there wasn’t enough room for the whole spread so we got only a subset. Certainly we didn’t get as many as I see in photos of larger tables, e.g.:


When I go to Korean BBQ , I take a little bit of meat to be polite, then try to unobtrusively nibble as much banchan as I can. It’s the best part of the meal, for me.

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i’ve noticed that if i go with non -korean looking members in my party, we don’t get the full selection seen at other tables. i typically goad the non-koreans into calling the servers over, so they can point out and note the omissions which are then brought to the table without a word. i wish i could be as sure about saliva.


The table was completely full, there wasn’t room for any more dishes. Park’s four-tops are simply too small given how much space is taken up by the grill.

Can anyone tell me what the instructions are on my Korean pancake mix?


You can try the Waygo app if no one wants to type in a translation.

Or Google Translate on a phone.

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Oops probably should’ve posted this here:

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Okay, that certainly cleared things up. :wink:


Ooof. Not good. Not expecting Waygo to date much better.

My guess is you add 850 ml of water to 500 grams of mix and then do as described here:

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You’re the best googler I know. Thank you!

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Can someone tell me what kind of kimchi this is?

Buchu kimchee made of garlic chives (Asian chives).

Thanks, I thought that was what I was buying. Kind of tough, like chewing lawn clippings, but maybe it’ll soften up as it ages.

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