Korean Uzbek Restaurants?

There was an article in today’s NYT about a Korean Uzbek restaurant in Brooklyn. I’ve never heard of this type of cuisine. Did a quick search and didn’t see any in LA/OC. There were a few that came up in Brighton Beach (lots of Russians in that area) and Seoul. Anybody know of any Korean Uzbek restaurants in LA/OC?


Whoa! So I came up in Uzbekistan as a youngin and there was a huge Korean population. I believe mostly Northerners. I’ve never heard of a restaurant that focuses on that. Fascinating. Uzbek food in general is kind of touch to find here. We’ve been waiting for Samarkand Cafe for years. Korean Uzbek fusion would be fun.


i understand euroasia in encino offers some russian/korean stuff including kuksi



Wow in Uzebkistan?! I visited the Soviet far east (Nakhodka/Vladivostok) as a kid and was surprised to see so many Koreans. I just assumed it was due to our proximity to North Korea. Never knew Koreans were a fixture in other parts of the country too.

I remember we were addicted to the shredded carrot salad (morkovcha) they mention in the NY Times article. It came in these long, thin plastic bags that reminded me of Otter Pops lol. So good. Would love to find a place that does that carrot salad here.

Yep, they all fled decades ago during a conflict. Our neighbors did eat a lot of dog. (they didn’t share, in fact we lived there for 4 years and never had any korean food). We would know when Koreans were cooking something special because the entire neighborhood was super pungent.

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Thanks I’ll add to the list when I’m out that way.

yep that’s the only one I know currently… Uzbekistan was good on La Brea

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There are swaths of Koreans in Central Asia, including Ukraine, Krygyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and more. It’s all part of the Korean Diaspora: Korean diaspora - Wikipedia

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My favorite is the Chinese that went to India. Love that food.