Koreatown - 2019 to

Went to Potions & Poisons for after-dinner drinks the other night. We weren’t in their target demo at all, but had a really good time. Nicest bartenders ever.

Photo of the “elixirs” brightened up:

Didn’t notice that the menu’s on GitHub!


The one on the right’s garlic. No thanks.

I tried the Lespedeza Cuenata (Yagwanmoon-Ju), very nice, like a sort of delicate amaro. Cocktails were on the sweet side for my taste but quality ingredients.

In the same mall there was a super-hopping place called Honey Night (꿀밤) Korean Pub, which on Google Maps claims to be a bar / restaurant / furniture store.



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Sun Nong Dan replacing Sizzler on Western

Still under construction.

the sizzler featured in bourdain’s k-town episode?

No I believe that one is the one across from Shatto Lanes