K's Sandwiches

Not sure anyone is still here, but if you are and like K’s Sandwiches, their Grand Re-Opening will be Jan 5, 2018


Can’t wait for their Pork filled pastries…they go fast. And that coffee is so good. Happy to see them back.

Wonderful freshly baked breads, too.

I almost fee ashamed in saying this, but I feel like I’ve probably moved on from K’s.

To what?

Time will tell if everyone else has too. They’ve been closed a long time but their location across the street from Kearney HS and walking distance from Mesa College may be their saving grace

A Chau

I’ve never had the bahn mi there. Do they have chargrilled pork ones? I love their egg rolls, though.

Thanks so much for the heads up, I’ve missed them. Have you been to the full-service 7 course beef dinner place? We’ve been going for years–reliable and reasonably priced.


I haven’t found a comparable Bahn mi place in clairemont since K’s closed. the few on Convoy always have deplorable parking conditions or are zterribly inconsistent

also, nice to see some activity here since I haven’t returned to Chowhound. Is there a similar forum that people have moved to?

No, this board is dead and so is the Chowhound board.

Perhaps we’ve moved beyond these forums. There is an extremely large group on Facebook called Eating & Drinking in San Diego that has a big volume of posts.

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How do you join this group?

Go to this Facebook group page
Click on the “Join” link. The list admin approves all requests an it can take some time as there are almost 13,000 members.

Good luck

Thanks. Tried that months ago but was request was never answered. Too bad bc this forum and ch are so quiet.

Maye try again?

Thanks for the link. I’ve been frustrated by the inactivity of Chowhound and the lack of SD entries for this board.

Were you able to join Ms V?