Kurdish eats


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for those of us too lazy to turn off ad-block and read the article to find out where

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The pictures looks very good on Yelp. Unfortunately it is too much of a drive for me. Bummer!

fascinating! there has always been a closeness and shared history, same enemies between Armenians and Kurdish and now I know that we also share a lot of foods. Some of what is most common around here labeled as Armenian/Lebanese/Syrian etc is pretty obvious on their table… Still… i never had hummus, tabouli, pita until we moved to US and A

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I think a lot of the Middle East shares similar cuisines, but maybe different spices.

Except for Iran that’s an outlier because I don’t think hummus and toubuli are part of their repertoire.

Nor Armenian. Those are Arabic things i guess.

I was told many moons ago that hummus was Lebanese?

That’s one of the Arabic peoples.

I have seen Lebanese Armenian restaurants. but then it might just be a mix of the twos cuisines.

But yeah.

Yes, Armenians from Lebanon.

There used to be a wonderful online blog/community called MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Cooking Club. It was composed of food bloggers from those regions.

Each month a dish would be chosen by one of the participants and the members would create their own, local/regional/family version of the dish. At the end of the month there would be a collection of recipes, photos, and stories from the contributors.

I don’t know what happened to the club or the main site; I’m guessing some of the info has ended up on the Internet Archives site. Also, a search for “MENA Cooking Club recipe” will deliver links to some of the participating bloggers and their contributions.