L.A. Times announces bringing back a dedicated Food Section on Thursdays

… to be helmed by Peter Meehan.



TIL bill addison has really pale hands

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He’s gonna have to start wearing gloves to keep his anonymity.

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I love Peter Meehan! This is great. He is great.


Finally, a significant improvement by the new owner of the LA Times!

I’m thinking I need to renew my digital subscription. Thanks for being the bearer of good news!


The digital for the NYT is still SO expensive. So no. But if I lived there I likely would. ‘Course if I lived there I’d likely get the print version. As Daddy say "Too bad I wasn’t born rich instead of so doggone good lookin’." :slight_smile:



“It’s unclear who will lead the food section moving forward.”

Send up the Bat Signal over NY so @kevin can see it!

We need a cool-headed, compassionate writer/editor who has shown an ability to bring together those who do and don’t share his views.


Next time I see PSS, I’ll ask him to consider one of us FTC lot for the job. :smiley:


Working in a newpaper’s food section might be fun. Running one … maybe not.


Ben Mims seems to be the only public staff response I can find…

Noelle Carter’s public FB post:

I kinda thought his response to the silverton/krikorian article would get him fired/in hot water. Meehan saying OpEd never okayed it with him and that he demanded they take it down but they wouldn’t listen.

It was unprofessional (much different than responses to the NY Times oped disaster) and showed a clear lack of understanding concerning the organization/role of different departments in a newspaper

Not apologizing for the article itself in any way. That was its own disaster. But OpEd doesn’t require an okay from the newsroom and no newspaper would completely remove an article from its database.

Just kinda showed he wasn’t a journalist, no matter how successful he’d been with Lucky Peach. I really want to know what kind of meetings he had after that with higher ups.

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ouch. that’s pretty damning.

I’ve certainly been a big fan of Lucky Peach and the new LAT food section but no amount of good work justifies a hostile work environment.

Who is deputy food section editor. I wonder where they will turn long term

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Andrea Chang

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That’s terrible. Wow.