La Barbara's for Thanksgiving


Received a vintage T Shirt and two sausage pies as a belated BDay gift but right in time for Thanksgiving. Just as good as 40 years ago!


Lucky, Where can I find this T-shirt for me?

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I was wondering when you would pop up. Not this time, but good as ever.

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How does one go about getting a la barbara pizza? Is there a pop up / special order etc?


It’s the current unicorn / holy grail of the LA food scene.

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some pies for your eyes LaBarberas and one pizzette what do you think plzzaman

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My La Barbara’s pizza from 2015. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. Just like the scene in Ratatouille


just put this pie in pep mush arts mbs Saugs and Ramon pesto this is a custom LaBarberas pie fresh now let’s see what it looks like when it comes out.".:ireland::pizza::+1:


hers the pie not to bad ya!


what do you all think of my pizzetas from LaBarbers respond some one…they are the best
for aps.michell G. Are you out there.

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No doubt the Holly Grail. What a shame that so many generations did not get to experience this. Although completely different, so much better than Puck ever dreamed of being and I have been a big fan of Spago since the first duck sausage pizza in the 80s. I tried my best but some family issues prevent the best of the best. Lucky to discover good friends in high places. Happy holidays to all.

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