LA Food Bowl - Any thoughts? Any details on tickets, restaurants, etc?

Seems both gimmicky and gimcrack, at least to my skeptical ass, at this time.
I have not seen much on who’s cooking/speaking/pouring etc and it is just a month away.
Is something going on every night in May? If so what, and where? Maybe it is actually in 2018.
And how 'bout those “50 food booths from L.A.’s restaurants, food trucks and bars” ?
Would love to hear what others think or know.

My browser’s security setting won’t let me visit that site lolz…

They should probably fix that.

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

I think they have a lot to, ummm, fix.
Like the fact that they still appear to be searching for vendors who are interested in participating (though you would not know that if you cannot get on the fucking website, which - now - I too cannot do).
Seems like a few drunk, numskulls are trying to make spin straw into Gold.

Is that like the bat signal to summon the cherubic one…?

Full event list now up on (currently operational) website

I’m still not sure what this is

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Shitty website…

Definitely not what I consider a festival the events are scattered around the city…

Find a program that interests you. Could be a talk, demo, or a tasting.

There is a LA Times Night Market, not sure who will be selling here.

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Did the Puck Gold Medal Award dinner last night.

I cannot say I thought it was worth 250 bucks pp but it was a great evening and I am glad I went. Mostly because the panel discussion with Wolfgang, Nancy Silverton, Govind Armstrong and the Goldster was great. A very funny, heartfelt and nostalgic trip down memory lane, with lost of cute stories about Wolf’s career, ambitions, mistakes etc. He’s a gem. How he went from the original Spago to opening a “Chinese Restaurant” in Chinios was amusing. Funniest line was when he was asked if he missed the old Spago on Horn Ave off Sunset, as so many of us nostalgic types do. Wolfgang admitted to being very, very happy where he is and not being one to look back and pine for the old days too much.
He summed it up saying, “So, no I do not miss the old Spago and I certainly do not miss my old wife.” Nancy Silverton was very funny and revealed a lot of the fear they all had that they would not be successful… A second panel with Roi Choi, Shep Gordo and Goldilocks did nothing for me.

If I pay that much I kind of expected - though certainly was not promised - a sit down meal. Instead, unless you were a VIP, you stood at a tall cocktail table (if you could get one) and waited on line or in place to get some of the “passed” goodies

As for food there were two lines/stations serving

  1. Roast Pork/Chicharron tacos with colorful homemade tortillas
  2. Bincho grilled Brisket on small rolls with mustard and/ or horseradish sauce
    The tacos were really great but the brisket not too good (the sandwiches I had were either way too fatty or way too overdone, and I detected no real binch flavor). The passed dishes were all quite good
    Tuna cones,
    Salmon pizza (excellent)
    A Hong Kong style Fish
    Small dishes of pasta (one with lobster, one with summer truffles)
    Squid Ceviche in its own ink
    Shen Jian Bao (quite good).
    Then, post-panels there was quite big dessert, ice cream table. I had one ball of strachitela ice cream that was great. A giant Napolean of some sort was also being served but I was full and am not a dessert man.

Plenty of wine, beer and cocktails.


I’m going to try and hit the Night Market tonight to see what that’s all about.

Hope it is good.

Me too.

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Please report back soon if possible. I’m thinking of going Thu night. Right now leaning towards spending the additional $10 to get into the Supermarket area. Then we’ll see how much more I’ll have to pay to try some of the curated vendors inside that area.

oof sorry I couldn’t go tonight but I have plans to go tomorrow.

This is seriously wacky. It’s all over the place, with no unifying theme or organizing principle.

Someone forgot to write a mission statement.

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‘Let’s Just Do It and Be Legends’


Were the food and vendors good? Was it super crowded?

Don’t think anyone here has gone or reported back yet.
The Puck event left a bad, bad taste in my mouth but only because the price-to-quality/quantity ratio was soooooooo fucking egregious. This is free. So less to loose

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I’ve been joking to friends that we should call it the FyreFood Festival. I’m going to go today since I need to be down in that area during the day anyway. Still not sure if I’m willing to pay the $10 to get into the special curated “The Supermarket” area where you still have to pay for individual items. Looks like everything else is free to wander around and check out.


lol I’m going today at 5 p.m., will report everything here.