LA Times Business Section: "Southland's new wave of Chinese restaurants are about a lot more than takeout"

Gonna try Chang’ an tonight.

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Skewers AND real drink choices? :open_mouth::+1:

I know. It’s like having Country AND Western!
I read about it on TonyC 's sinosoul blog and made a reservation a few days ago.

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So how was it @CiaoBob?


first of all, the “Full Bar” isn’t one - they had beer wine and soju cocktails

food was neither bad nor memorable.

setting was nice.

Was it at least worth stopping by for skewers and beer?

Skewers were good.
A stir fry of mixed seafood - ordered “Ma La” was also quite good.
It is a big menu, I want to go back to try more.

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Thanks CB. Looking forward to more updates!