LA visitor looking for recommendations around points in the Village

Hello all,

I’ll be in town for a few days primarily to see a production of Gatz at the Skirball. It’s a long production, and we will have a 90 minute meal break.

The production has helpfully arranged deals with local restaurants as linked here.

Are there any that stand out as “Yes! That would be really quite nice.” or “Heyyy maybe you would be better at a 7-11 with a taquito.”

My ideal would be to find a place in the immediate vicinity with table service, or upscale cafeteria?. Warm food, maybe serves wine–I’m concerned about just winging it via Yelp. I want to be back in my seats on time, and feel like I’ve had a nice meal.

In addition, I’m staying at the Jane Hotel which is a stone’s throw away from the Whitney Museum. I eat everything (but shellfish). My dining companion eats everything but isn’t a fish fan in general. He can usually find other things on the menu. We are not looking to have the $$$$ experience on this trip, but are happy to keep dinners to $40-50 per person before alcohol or tip. Any advice for these Angelenos?

I’ve been steered to Russ & Daughters for my morning coffee needs. I’m happy to do so, also I really prefer never to spend money in a chain. Any other places that have good, solid coffee and eats that I can patronize is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

How about Keste Pizza or Miss Lily (Jamaican)

R&D is a bit of a hike from your hotel. Can’t remember off the top of my head, but you should be able to find decent coffee around your hotel, perhaps head toward Chelsea / Highline area. Maybe check out the new Starbucks experience monstrosity by Chelsea market.


I would steer clear of that list altogether. Miss Lily’s is a good suggestion, to which I’d add Toloache Thompson (Mexican), Old Tblisi Garden (Georgian), Lupa (Italian).

Russ & Daughters is a very weird recommendation. It’s nowhere near you, and it’s not known for its coffee - rather, it’s an appetizing store with excellent smoked fish). It’s also not part of a chain - did you think it was?

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Thank you both!

I’m really looking forward to this trip. I’ve been to NYC many times, but my relatives lived on 55th between 8th and 9th, and as a result I’ve not spent much time in the Village.

Here’s to wandering a little in the freezing cold, and finding spots for warmth and food.

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If you get a chance head over to the East Village. Lots of interesting dining options and relatively reasonable prices (for Manhattan). Personally I think this is one of the more interesting areas for food in Manhattan at the moment.

Have fun in the city.

OP here reporting back.

We had a great time, and found lots to do that kept us in warmth!

We stayed at the Jane Hotel and most mornings I stopped at Aux Merveilleux de Fred on 8th for their spectacular croissants. I preferred the plain to the chocolate. (take out only).

First night in, we went to Corner Bistro for beer and burger. I understand why it’s a neighborhood stalwart, but wouldn’t prioritize it next time. Really nice place if it’s exactly in your route and planned outings.

Friday we had the 8 hour experience with Gatz–and had a celebrity sighting with Deborah Borda (formerly of LA Phil, now back with NY Phil).

Before the show we ate at the excellent Mamoun. I only got one meal there but would have difficulty ordering anything but the falafel and the lentil soup. Really great.

During the 90 minute dinner break we hightailed it to Miss Lily’s. Thank you for that recommendation! We especially enjoyed the cod fish fritters and the jerk corn, and the timing worked out for me to get a happy hour priced cocktail. Ta da!

After the show we wandered over to Pasticceria Rocco. We sampled quite a few things for 11:00pm but my favorite was the cannoli.

One other spot we got to was Simo pizza across the street from the Whitney. Good pizza and that is very well priced, and cheery enough communal tables.

Thank you New York!


Glad to hear things worked out