LaBarbara's Pizza - Scored

For those who know what it means, I was able to secure a batch of original LaBarbara’s pizza. In the process of cooking off a sausage. Will photograph and report back. Best pizza ever in the history of California. Zero doubt.


Jelly to the max.

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What does that mean?

Very jealous. :smiley:

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Do you remember it? What was your favorite?


Pepperoni immersed with cheese. That looks glorious. Brings back my college tour at UCLA.


Did you know Weinermobile?

Only from the old Chowhound days. As I recall, he did reminisce of the greatness that was La Barbara’s as well.

Isn’t @wienermobile still here?

Did you find a cache in a deep freeze in some prepper’s bunker?

No I spent years trying to bring it back and while unsuccessful and now too late I did find the man. I think the value of the name brand is too diminished for those under 50 years old. Was able to develop a nice relationship through the LaBarbaras family who sends them frozen from time to time. Unpredictable though. Holding one for WinerM for old times sake… if he shows up on here before its gone!


Being not from the above 50 age group, what makes LaBarbara’s so great? Is it the crust, sauce, cheese, nostalgia factor?

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If Winerm doesn’t show I’d be happy to take the pie off your hands! I have fond memories of La Barbara’s their minestrone soup, dark room & pepperoni pizza with lots of it.

Of course we also hit up Regular Jon’s & Maria’s back when they had the 3" diameter pepperoni as well.

It was where the Indias tandoori & FedEx office center are on Wilshire iirc. Old style Italian American red sauce type place. Dark rooms, at least where we normally sat in the smaller room on the right. But everything was well made, i remember it being one of the few places i would eat veggies at as a kid lol.

Haven’t had the pizza in a lifetime but the pepperoni or sausage were always go-to’s


Thanks for the context!

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Funny, I brought it up on Apple Maps… check it out. LOL. They still have it on the map.


Hahahhaah that is awesome!

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So aaqir scored Weiner’s pie. We did the hand off Sunday. Anxious for his report.