Lake Arrowhead

Spending Thanksgiving (Thursday-Sunday) at Lake Arrowhead.

Any decent lunch/dinner spots? Doesn’t need to have any sort of holiday menu or focus. Obviously I’m not expecting LA quality - I’ll take what I can get.


It’s a little bit of a drive, and I haven’t been there, but Stone Creek Bistro has been recommended to my by people I trust. We usually have the kids, so we’ll punt and go to Papagayos in Arrowhead Village. No, it’s not great, but they are kid friendly and their food and margaritas are serviceable, especially after wine tasting and charcuterie in the wine shop there (done, of course, while the kids are riding go-karts).

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A few years ago we stayed in the hotel for hiking and had dinner at the bar at BIN 189. Had a fun time with bartender sampling whiskeys and remember the food being pretty good.


Good Breakfast at Belgian Waffle Works


Going this weekend. Anybody have updated recs in the Lake Arrowhead area?

Surprised that there aren’t a lot of great options? JK

Lou Eddies pizza was actually quite good. 75-90 minute wait Thursday at 6pm. Pizza with sausage, bacon, pepperoni and soppresatta was better than we could have imagined. A better less thick Costco version.

Standard breakfast fare at Belgian Waffle Works. They had Intelligentsia coffee. The waffles were light and crispy. Sausage patties and bacon did their job. Potatoes had a lot of paprika.

Lake Arrowhead Taproom Bar & Kitchen was the most crowded place in the village. Nice views and good pub fare. The pretzels were warm and tasty. Chicago dog was too messy with way too much mustard. Bun was overwhelmingly huge. Good chicken sandwich and good onion rings. Daughter loved the turkey french dip and the fries reminded me of the garlic fries at SF Giants games.