Langer's #19, only $89! (on sale)

Mr Taster


I was gifted a Central Grocery muffuletta from that service a while back. I had no idea it was that expensive!

It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Having said that, they couldn’t just throw in an entire loaf of rye?

Each #19 pack serves two to four people and includes all you need to make two to four #19 sandwiches:

1 pound Langer’s world famous pastrami
Half-pint coleslaw
Half-pint Russian dressing
Four slices Swiss cheese
Four slices rye bread
Two pickles

Only $22.50 per sandwich. Whudda baaahgin.

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There’s no reason to pay mail-order for anything but the pasrami and maybe a loaf of bread.

Wait – Four slices of rye bread only make TWO full sandwiches.