Langer's Delicatessen - Beyond the Legendary Pastrami... Corned Beef Hash, Matzo Ball Soup and Lamb Shanks?



When I make chopped liver I always add lots of eggs. Even though I don’t add mayo (as with making egg salad), I totally agree that the eggs help balance out the flavor–so you get chicken liver, sweet cooked onions and hard boiled eggs (bounded together w/ schmaltz if I want it “nana style” or a little water if needed and I want it to be less like a heart attack).

Their pastrami on rye + mustard is just the best. I’ve been wanting to try their “reuben”, but haven’t gotten there yet over the years and that patty melt looks delish!


Hi @LAgirl,

Wow, I’d love to try a version with schmaltz added in! Sounds delicious! :slight_smile:

Glad you like their classic Pastrami with Mustard only as well. :slight_smile: And yes, definitely try the Reuben one of these days. Thanks.

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I’m going to fight the next person that says this. No russian/thousand island, no reuben.

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What are the lamb shanks resting on?

lol. I always order my reubens without russian/T.I. dressing (and any other sandwich or burger as well). For my taste, it makes the sandwich too sweet and I prefer savory.

You should’ve tried the PB&J sandwich.

It’s the only thing I will eat at Langer’s nowadays.

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It’s the original game, the shock of the old.

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I’ve learned so much about dining in LA from the contributors of this board over the years…and Langer’s is one of those things. This place is a gem…I never knew pastrami could be so good! I can’t wait to try some of @Chowseeker1999’s recs…I particularly want to try the liver and egg.


My grandmother did, too, as does my mother. And this looks way better than Canter’s. I generally like Canter’s, but their chopped liver tastes like cat food.


Hi @Ns1,

Sorry! That’s why I said “their version of” the Reuben. :wink: Yah I realize it’s not a real Reuben. Still pretty tasty though. :slight_smile:

Where’s your favorite Reuben at? Thanks.

Hi @ElsieDee,

Good eye! :wink: And thanks for the reminder; I got caught up remembering the Lamb Shank. :smile: It’s their Housemade Stuffing, with some chopped greens mixed in. It was tasty. Their Mashed Potatoes (also included(!)) were fine as well.

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Hi @ipsedixit,

! Wow, I must try the PB&J next time. I’ve never even thought about ordering that usually. Thanks for the rec. :slight_smile:

Wonderful reporting as usual.
Do I spy yellow mustard on that pastrami on rye?
I respectfully suggest you request a “brown” or “deli” mustard next time. I don’t know why they have French’s on the table, but a brown mustard is where it’s at, in my opinion.

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Hi @frommtron,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Oh, yah I like using the brown mustard usually. For these visits, on one of them, we decided to try French’s on it, and the other sandwich, we actually asked the waiter to have them add “deli mustard” in the back (instead of us usually adding our own at the table), but that’s what they delivered.

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Just understand where I am coming from.

This would be as if a vegetarian was recommending the white asparagus at CUT as the only thing to get.

It is better than Canters. I took a good friend to Langers over the holidays (he’s from Brooklyn and has lived in LA for a couple of decades but had never been there). We got pastrami on rye, the chopped liver plate (very old school deli style w/ pickles and olives) and a knish (avoid at all costs). Their chopped liver is pretty good (the texture is a little too smooth for me), but like a lot of ethnic foods—best to make some things yourself.

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What do you have against Langer’s pastrami? I have no clue where you’re coming from.

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Maybe he just doesn’t like pastrami?

I don’t care for it, myself.

Brent’s black pastrami reuben