Lao Shan Dong Homemade Beef Noodle House - Burnaby

Are the noodles themselves homemade? I dunno. They’re really tasty, though. Well braised chunks of brisket, all tenderand soaking in a delicious broth. I get mine without spice and just mix in chilli to taste (for me, not much) but they’ll do it spicy too. They also do dumplings, which look delicious, but I haven’t tried.

Again, across from a theater (big coincidence, huh?) This one in Burnaby. If you ever liked M Night Shamalyan back in the Sixth Sense / Unbreakable days before he started believing his own hype and spirialed out of control, would be advised to check out Split, his latest sort of Psycho-like crazy with a split personality. He’s finally back to what he does well. Good for him.

Good for this soup, too…