Lasa - Fantastic

Flawless meal at Lasa this weekend.
I hate to broadcast it because it will only make an already difficult reservation more so but they deserve it.

Menu (was told it will change quite a bit, so this is more for posterity than what you would get if you went this week)

1 (Isa)
Lodge Bread with a Salted Duck Egg Salad (better than Europane’s!)

2 (Dalawa)
Chilled Corn Soup (heavenly)

3 (Tatlo)
Monkfish with XO Sauce

4 (Apat)

Cantaloupe Granita - wonderful with grilled cantaloupe and yummy little meringues.

SORRY - no picture, ate it too fast (and I almost never eat dessert).


Did it look like this? I had it when they had their pop ups in frogtown. It was so good!

Yup, the granita looked just like that, but they were not adding the meringue then.

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Thanks for the report. so would a glutton like me need second dinner after this, i can’t tell how large the portions are from your pictures.

isn’t that status quo for you?

i guess i should ask if i’ll need third dinner then.


I was full.
I am sorry my pictures make the dishes look small but they were not small at all.
The 1st course by itself was quite filling (even tho’ my shot looks like a tiny crostini); the monk fish was very generous as well.

Here’s a great yelp shot of the granita dessert with the meringue.


Where the fuck is it?

unit 120

Behind the fuck.