[LAT] At a storied Chinatown bakery, four generations labor to learn lessons of family


For many ABC’s like me we grew up on the often imitated Strawberry Cake. We have Phoenix Bakery to thank for this cake.

My favorite cake.

Also those almond cookies!! So buttery and good. Someone should take Phoenix’s Almond Cookies and make a cookies-cream ice cream

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Time to return and try their strawberry cake again…

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I This place was how I introduced my now husband into the delights of Asian-influenced pastry. His birthday cake the first year we were together came from here because it reminded me of cake from my own childhood. This place holds a lot of memories for a lot of folks.

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What an interesting article. I was at an American banquet tonight, and one of the buffet items was strawberry shortcake. I thought about having a piece, but I instinctively felt that it wouldn’t be the “right” texture. And then I wondered why I was tempted to have a piece at all, since I’m not really a cake guy. Reading this article totally made me remember – I grew up w/ that strawberry cake (or possibly a knock off). It’s so interesting; I never LOVED the cake as a kid, but I did enjoy it, and it was certainly a regular part of my childhood (along w/ the coconut creme buns, which were my absolutely favorite pastry when I was young).

I liked the almond but not necessarily the cookie surrounding, so I’d eat the cookie portion first and then save the central almond as my final bite.

God, what a trip down memory lane. Perhaps I should pay a visit soon…


I remember those almond cookies from SF. Didn’t they come in green tins?