LAX-C - LA Chinatown

Sort of a Thai version of Costco.


If you want some lunch while you’re there, E - Sea Fresh around the corner past the koi pond is pretty good. Same ownership as Thailand Place which is closed for remodeling (so they’re storing a piano and a bunch of other stuff at E).

pork leg stew with preserved vegetable

duck curry chalkboard special

Has anyone tried the fish ball place right across the parking lot from the LAX-C entrance?


That is a brilliant photo synopsis of that place.


$.82 for pork neck! i love grilling them with cumin & garlic.

Great video segment with Jazz by the LAT. So happy to see the food section continue to revive


Thanks for posting the first episode in this new series! I totally forgot it aired today.

One little nitpick, at 2:59 he says

Whatever you wanted…you can find at LAX-C…Whatever kind of fish sauce or soy sauce or fermented tofu or mushroom or Thai herb or kind of noodle- no matter what you want you’re going to be able to find it at LAX-C

I love the LAX-C and go there at least a couple times a month but the diversity of ingredients isn’t really as high as smaller stores in Thai Town or even a Ranch 99. I’ve specifically gone there looking for a broader variety of soy sauce, fish sauce and herbs and found them elsewhere instead so I’d be a bit annoyed if someone made the LAX-C out to be one stop shopping (particularly since it’s not so close to stores with wider selection).

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Having said that, I really do love the LAX-C. Has anybody tried the condiments they sell at the hot food station?

There are a ton of them but the english writing on the containers themselves are so small I don’t really know what they are (and I’m too embarrassed to ask the ladies that run the stand).

Dont’ be afraid to ask they are friendly! They want to sell the food, its not in their interest to be rude to you.

Yeah I only shop at LAX-C when supplying a restaurant but their selection can be hit or miss. Its appears very eclectic sometimes and the organization doesn’t always make sense but there are some gems there.

The second best steam table after Northern Thai Food Club.

LAX-C steam table is legit. The sauce for the Khao Man Gai is so damn good. The curries all packs punch. Come on weekend and meet Mae Ting for the best damn coconut cakes, better than Bhan Kanom and Wat Thai vendor


Oh, yeah, I’m not worried about them being rude to me- they’re super awesome whenever I’m there. I just know I’m completely out of my depth asking questions about what’s in the case.

And to be clear, I’m totally open to being a complete ding-dong for the cause but there are so many different condiments in that case (and I have no idea if they’re all types of nam phrik or something completely different) that it’s more of a instance of “I don’t even know what I don’t know”.

I always gotta grab some isaan sausage and rice, too, if I’m there on the weekend.

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Nice! :slight_smile: Do they also have the taro griddled desserts like Bhan Kanom sells?

Mae Ting outside doesn’t, but you can get them from the steam table inside, with a choice of taro or pandan flavors. But in my experience they are more mushy and the flavor isn’t as good as bhan kanom

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