"Legendary Chef and Restaurateur Michel Richard Has Died"

We had a fabulous lunch there a few years ago.

Oh bummer. I saw a doc about a young chef who trained in his kitchen. He really loved this man. They shot some fairly recent scenes of them together, and Michel didn’t look real healthy. I’ll try to remember what it was I saw, maybe on Netflix. Sweet you got to enjoy one of his meals.

Here’s a CH discussion I was part of.

You know cath, when I saw the documentary, he was featured briefly and I didn’t make the connection. Seeing his name in print triggered something. At one time he had a big presence here in L.A. He had a restaurant called Citrus (on Melrose) in the late 80’s. I was young, but remember it being a big deal.

There is an odd place off Melrose that is either owned by him or is an ode to him. Anyway, Angelenos should recognize these logos.

Did eater.com miss this? Hmmm.

I was unsure where to post this. In light of the above, I wonder if it should be moved to ‘food media.’

Good report on CH. I :heart:'d you. I wish I could cook like that. Or we still had that kind of restaurant here. French American is my favorite.

Maybe, but wait a bit. Our discussion could move it up a bit :wink:.

LOL re :hearts:ing!

I hadn’t looked at the recipe before. I saved it but I must have 100s saved so that means nothing :slight_smile:

The guy “steve” who responded to you posted a link for a recipe, but it’s now gone.

I found it by searching from the linked site:

We actually met him for Ethiopian food while there. He knows his way around the DC food scene.

Look at you!

Not just another pretty face - lol :wink:

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