Let's talk about pies. . .your faves?

Blueberry is one of my all time faves…
Banana cream pie with a flaky buttercrust
Lemon Merinque with the pointy tops.
Peanut butter pie…yeah baby!

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Fruit - apple pie

Sweet and savory - Momofuku chess pie

Alcohol based - Derby pie

Meringue based - Key lime pie

Savory - Chicken pot pie


Pe-can pie

Lemon meringue preferably with an italian meringue

Savory? Saltenas the Bolivian version of the empanda


pecan, full of pecans rather than just topping sugar pie, leaf-lard whole-wheat crust.

Lindsey Shere’s almond tart

non-vegetarian mincemeat

rhubarb, hold the strawberries

blueberry, though I probably prefer them in cobbler




Make sure you put the accent on the second syllable. And it’s pronounced “pa-cahn.”

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Lol! you say tomato and I say pecan :wink:

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Unless you grew up in the South (as I did) then you’re WRONG. Another LOL :smile:

did you follow the link I posted?

ps I was teasing to get a reaction

Yes and I was teasing back :slight_smile:

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Ga Ga Gorgeous pie!

It is peach season so I have made a Peach Chess pie and a peach and almond tart. I was looking for sour cherries, I read that Whole Foods had them frozen. When I got to WF they had no idea of what I was asking for and I just don’t feel like paying $70 for 4 lbs. $17.50/lb. even pitted is a bit much. I thought I’d pick up some canned ones at Kroger,also thinking about cherry ice cream (I’ve not unpacked my ice cream freezer yet after our move. It has its own compressor and has to be kept stable). So I got the canned ones and in the frozen fruits I found, under Kroger’s own Private Selection label, a combo of sweet and tart cherries. 3 lbs and pitted.Right next to them were 3lb. bags of wild Maine blueberries, a private label, so my mother-in-law’s berries and cream pie will be coming up soon. In late August I’ll be looking for Concord grapes. Concord Grape pie is amazing. Saveur has a great recipe, just Google it. I do make my own all butter crusts in my food processor and use European unsalted butter. In October I’ll be making pecan pies. The cookbook from Garden and Gun has a recipe using sourghum and bourbon. No corn syrup. It is the best pecan pie I’ve ever had. Use good bourbon.

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Persian delis are a good place to find fresh sour cherries. Should be around for another few weeks unless it was a particularly bad season.

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I’m in Savannah, Ga. now and they don’t grow here. I’ve not seen any Middle Eastern markets here. Asian is hard enough. Back in Indiana I could get them at the farmer’s market. I’m going to have to look into Scuppernongs and Muscadines. They are in season here now.

The sour cherries I see come mostly from Washington and Michigan.

Russian and Eastern European markets may also have them.

I know that

Being that you’re in Savannah, your in one of the best places to get fab pie…
Sounds like you know how to make great pies and hope you post your pie pics…

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Yes, I am a pie baker. We’d much rather have pie than cake. You might want to check into Pie Nation on FB too. The most unusual pie I made this year was from a little book, The Historic Kentucky Kitchen published by the Ky Press. Very old recipes handed down. The pie is The Seaton Family Carrot Pie. I know it sounds odd but it was quite good seasoned with lemon among other things. People thought it was sweet potato and were pleasantly surprised. I don’t have a picture so you’ll have to take it with blind trust that it is a great pie. Scuppernongs are in the market so I’m thinking of giving them a try in a pie soon.

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Why is Savannah so good for pie? I’ve been there a gazillion times in the past.

They’re in the right latitude zone, tropical to sub-tropical climate. And things like blueberries are native to Georgia, and while peaches are not native to the area the fruit has been around since the mid 1500s and now the state of Georgia is one of the top peach producing states in the U.S. (with CA, NJ, and SC being the others). Plus the peaches from Pearson Farms, GA is some of the best in the nation, with restaurants like Per Se and bakeries like Bayou sourcing the fruit almost exclusively from Pearsons.