Liangpi 涼皮 (mian/noodles) - where do you get your fix?

Where do go to get your Liangpi (涼皮) fix ???

Photo swiped from The Eaten Path


Qin West


Second. So good.

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I agree with Qin West.

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Qin West sweep so far. I agree. Their mo are quite decent too.

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I love these noodles at Qin West, but must admit that I’ve never noticed them elsewhere.
The noodles are made in-house.

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Thanks all, Qin West looks like a unanimous vote.

That was a dish I always enjoyed at Shaanxi Gourmet, even when the rest of their items dropped off in quality. So, now it’s Shaanxi Garden when I want liangpi.


I went to Qin West for the first time at the urging of a friend (he’s been trying to get our group to go for months, but they close at 9, which is usually when we actually go out for dinner). The liangpi were good, though I thought most of the noodle dishes we got had the noodles cooked a bit soft. Not sure if it’s intentional or not.

I also really liked the fried chicken, and preferred their pig ears to most of those I’ve had in the SGV (I like a higher ratio of meat in the cut).

I agree with Qin West but also tried this recently at Northern Cafe in Monterey Park and thought it was quite good.

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