Lien Hoa BBQ's Banh Mi

Lien Hoa in Chinatown.

Yeah every banh mi joint does a BBQ Pork, BUT they are usually sad, dry, and weirdly colored.

Lien Hoa, being a Chinese BBQ joint, throws in the same Char Siu/BBQ Pork and Roasted Pork that locals buy by the pound.
Real char siu goes so well with the pickled carrots and spicy jalapeno. Price: $4.50.

AFAIK, this is the only Chinese BBQ joint that puts its BBQ in Banh Mi’s.
If you want to spruce it up you can buy scallion-ginger sauce, plum sauce, and pickled cabbage.


Forgot the food pornz


Your picture looks like the char siu loins that are sitting in the steam trays. Lien Hoa’s best is the whole cambodian-style roast hog crudely crudely chopped and laid out on a sandwich. Expect big chewy hunks of skin and fat with a maybe the odd chunk of bone accidentally left in.

I usually get my banh mi at Buu Dien but if I really feel like a baller I’ll splash out four bucks and change for the chopped whole hog.


The Roast Piggy is definitely next!!

That the place? Just checking since I may try it today.

That’s it!

Ask nicely if you can get some of the meat juices into the banh mi

Might have to stop here for a future Dodger game!

Tip: Dodger Stadium Upper Deck is open to the public, enter thru the team store and enjoy your lunch in the seats and take a nap while you are at it

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Gotta hit it next time.

Over-ordered at Guerilla Tacos and could not soldier on.

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