LiOrient Asian Bar & Restaurant and Triple 8 China bar and grill

I just came across ads for these two Down Town LA “Modern” Chinese restaurant. Has anyone been?

I believe @J_L has been to LiOrient as he recommended it. I still haven’t found time to get down there as their hours and location conflict with my schedule.

These 2 eateries have same owner. My breakfast at Li Orient was very good back in April.

I would not go to either unless I am in the vicinity.

There was an earlier post about Li Orient when it opened. The key is ipsedixit’s “unless you’re in the vicinity” comment. If you’re downtown, there’s nothing similar for miles so it’s worth a trip. But even being close to downtown isn’t good enough because of navigational issues.

I went for a workday lunch. Had the Szechwan spicy beef, as it is apparently pretty authentic according to @chandavkl. My dining companion from Hong Kong thought the egg noodles with beef weren’t half bad. Soup dumplings were not half bad either. I preferred the latter two dishes.


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