Little Saigon Adventures

Tamales Dona Soco has some damn tasty tamales.

Chicken verde and chicken mole and chicharron tamales were all delicious. They also have the option of adding mayo and cheese on top. The chicharron and the chorizo con papa guisado tacos were also tasty. But the tamales are the real deal.


I feel like the better question these days is who has the best cafe sua da after 4pm.

I really like Teo Sandwich on magnolia as a backup but they close at 5 :joy:

I’m starting to feel the answer to my question is Cafe Di Vang.

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If you are willing to make drive just a little further to Orange Circle. Contra Coffee does a really good Sua Da

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I need to take my parents out and am drawing a blank of places to go to. All I can think of is:

Vox Kitchen
NEP (but no reservations for mid-day Friday)
Chateau Bordard

The prefer Asian-skewing fusion or straight Asian (Vietnamese or Chinese). Though apparently, they’ll only do things like shabu shabu if their friends invite them.


@attran99 how about the entire salad and appetizer menu at Vientiane?

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If only my mom liked non-cooked fish sauce.

I need to add this to my list.

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What could be more Asian than Sizzler, Warner x Harbor. Bang bang with cream pan across the street.

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How about Newport tan cang, oc and lau, or seafood cove 2?

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We usually hit Newport and Seafood Cove. Good options!

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