Live octopus in K-town: Current state of play

Hi Gang,

One of my friends has mentioned eating live octopus (a la the film “Oldboy”) as a crucial item on his food “bucket list”. Though he’s not dying anytime soon (that I’m aware of), I’d like to help him check it off the list.

For those of you willing to stomach the imagery, here is an excerpt for the actual film: Oldboy - How To Eat A Live Octopus - YouTube

So… Where to go? Any nuances, variations? And for those of you who have already tried, any further advice?

As always, Thanks in Advance!



i figured you would’ve tackled this already, with a bottle of $700 Soju. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, my boss at my last company told me about the live octopus he ate in Seoul. Said it was vile with the pods stuck to his lips and the inside of his mouth, but said otherwise, it tasted like fresh octopus sashimi, LOL. Can’t wait to see where you go.

By friend do you actually mean the request is for you ???

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you can try and eat them whole, or chopped up and still squirming. i’d prefer the latter to minimize having those suckers adhere to the inslide of my mouth.

there;s at least one place in k-town that specializes in nakzi that used to have nakzi in the restaurant name but has since changed names, ten something.

I assure you, no.

I’ve had sublime tako in Japan and (more recently) at Sushi Zo (Downtown), believe it or not…

I enjoy my octopus as takoyaki or nigiri, but not nakzi.

Btw that reminds me what do think of fucking Sushi Zo in downtown LA these days. I haven’t tried it in some time. And never in the now flagship-y downtown LA locale.

I heard it starts at 165 per which sounds like it’s sbout 15 more than Shunji for its fucked up starting point.

Your friend isn’t, um, bringing along his daughter, is he?


Nuances? Don’t get killed would be a good start.

JL I note you say help a friend check bucket list not you tasting it.

This post has suckers written all over it.


Not much variation at the live Korean fish places. The halibut is always the best dish IMHO…there’s just so much of it. Try:

Hwal Uh Kwang Jang - K-town, or
Dongbu Live Fish - Rowland Heights

Prefer the latter.

Happy squirming!

Quite good at Wassada

One tip - dip generously in sesame oil.

Lotsa lube helps minimize gagging.


My lube of choice has always been soju.

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what does one do if those fuckers happen to be sucking on your throat and blocking your air pipes or whatever it’s called ???

what kind of lube do you have with those fuckers ???

btw, there was a live fish joint in Oxnard ??? Korean joint ???

anyone have any fucking pontential clue regarding what I may just be talking about ???

thanks. and that ain’t no fucking joke.

More soju.

got it.

ipse, which joint do you hit up for these fuckers in k-town ??? preferably of course a joint that carries soju too.

sake ok too ???

Oil based vs water based lube more effective imho

Think it’s in redondo beach, place you’re thinking about.

nope, it’s for sure in Oxnard or maybe even Oxnard Harbor.

but not in Redondo, but Redondo does have another joint which you are correct about.

and that’s no fucking joke.