Lobster Place - Chelsea Market for your raw bar fix

My go to joint in the city for seafood platters. Extensive selection of oysters, clams etc. Reasonable price, quick service and competently shucked oysters.

Try the sea urchin at your own peril though, haven’t had much luck with the Maine variety.


Added bonus, you get to personally scope out the selection and I love the handy oyster guide above the counter indicating size and salinity by oyster varietal.
Pic from schiller-wine.blogspot.com

As for Grand Central Oyster Bar, go once just to check the box and soak in the admittedly nostalgic atmosphere and the hard to find Maine European flat oysters (pictured below). But generally forgettable to downright horrid experience foodwise. During my last visit a couple weeks ago (not pictured), the oysters were so poorly shucked and experienced an utterly abysmal service at the oyster counter (located at the shucking area).

Great product marred by the incompetent staff. Last time I ever visit that place. :-1::fu:


That sounds and looks terrific. Gotta admit that I love happy hour (with oysters and martinis) at Grand Central Oyster Bar. We sit up at the bar and have always enjoyed the staff.

I think service at the regular counters are alright, just avoid the counter where the shuckers are located. Shucking quality is very hit or miss though. Don’t know why Americans can’t seem to shuck properly, never encounter this problem in France.

I bought a whole Maine sea urchin at Lobster Place a while back to take home. I thought it was perfectly fine. You had a bad experience?

Mine wasn’t great, kinda funky. Although I did have an excellent serving of Maine uni once at Okuda.

That’s unfortunate. The memory of bad uni stays with you.

I’m trying to picture. Is that in the main room, all the way down on the right? We always are in the ‘restaurant’ with table service although we sit up at the bar.

Grand Central Oyster BarGrand Central Oyster Bar

The picture you posted is of the tavern room. The oyster counter is in the main room, the one with the vaulted ceiling. Pretty sure this is what Sgee means:


Yeah, I think that connects there on the left to the “tavern room.” (Never knew it had a name.)

Yup, avoid that section…