Long shot--but anybody have any Sri Lanka recs?

Thanks–it’s tough to find much intel on the dining scene beyond some pretty basic blogs and trip advisor.

I haven’t been back in years, but if Beach Wadiya in Colombo is still around, I recommend that for seafood dishes.

Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful.

Came across this recently,


Definitely try some mud crabs while you’re there, most sought after in mud crab eating locales.

Honestly, any thing is helpful. It looks like Beach Wadiya is still around. Menu looks great. I’ll give it a try.

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Oh that looks awesome. I’ve never had (or heard of) mud crabs–so this should be a blast. Thanks!

Very delicious, same species used for Singaporean chili crabs. Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of sought after giant sized specimens…


Woah that thing is beautiful! I’m quite excited.

Sri Lankan crabs are delicious! Lots of meat. It’s the crab used in Singapore and Malaysia for most of the crab dishes like chilli crab, butter crab, and crab curry. We always love eating crab dishes when we go to Singapore/Malaysia because we can’t get mud crabs here in the US. The dungeness crabs we get here don’t make good curry or chilli crab. :frowning: